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The Republican position

Regarding Rich Lowry's commentary on the elderly pampered generation:

This young man reflects the attitude and position of the Republican party and in particular the current administration. He calls the elderly whiners when they ask for a prescription plan.

I have checked with three quarters of my senior friends and none of them have prescription drug coverage. What sawmill gave their retirees such a plan?

Remember the Republican position the next time you vote. ' Keith Van Horn, Medford

Good advice: Vote Democratic

Rich Lowry opines that the elderly are so rich that Medicare should not include a prescription drug benefit. Perhaps he should make it plain for those seniors who didn't hear him: The compassionate Republicans gave you seniors a fat tax cut and the government is broke. If you want a real drug benefit, you should vote for those darn Democrats.

— In my opinion, that's good advice for anyone, especially people who plan on retiring someday. ' Damon Neal, Medford

Vandalism in east Medford

My classic 1971 convertible 351 Mustang was vandalized in east Medford last Thursday night as I went for a hike up to Roxy Ann. I left around 8 and when I got back to my car around 10:40 someone had smashed my windows, broken out the tail lights and dented my car all over. (I do not have full coverage and will have to eat the cost.) I estimate the damage to be between &

36;5,000 and &


It was done right where McAndrews and Hillcrest meet up by Skycrest. Ask yourself, if you live in the Skycrest or Hillcrest area, what were my teens doing around that time?

Skateboarders, maybe you know who did it. If you have information or know of suspicious activities or persons that could be involved, let me know (840-6731) or call Medford P.D. (big reward).

I have done some research and found out that skateboarders were longboarding down McAndrews at that time. Apparently, other cars in Central Point and Medford were also vandalized that night. Are we having fun yet? Please help. ' Brent Pearson, Medford

Facts about PERS

Regarding the letter entitled, This miserable mess: The writer, suffering from a malady (perpetuated by the mainstream media) known as misinformation, stated that the economic woes of Oregon were created by the Legislature spending tax money on the exuberant pensions of public employees. Now here are the facts about PERS.

1.) 98 percent of public employees earn only 74 percent of their working wage when they retire.

2.) Public employees earn their pensions; they are not given a free ride.

3.) The contributions into PERS were taken from a 6 percent pay raise that public employees were to receive, not from tax money.

4.) Public-sector benefits and pay are often inferior to their private-sector counterparts, as studies by Associated Oregon Industries have shown. Simply look into the numbers of public employees leaving for private-sector jobs for verification.

I'm a public employee. I entered into a contract with the state of Oregon the date I was hired. The state promised me that the money I contributed for my future would provide a modest retirement. In return I would give a minimum of 27 years of service. So far I've kept my end of the contract. ' James L. Mecham, Medford

Methadone not harmless

The Jackson County Methadone Clinic was quoted in the May 23 edition of the Mail Tribune as saying, The drive to commit crime while you're on heroin is tremendous. The drive to commit crime on methadone is zero.

If committing criminally negligent homicide while under the influence of methadone isn't criminal, then what is? Where did they get their statistics? Does Mothers Against Drunk/ Drugged Drivers know about how dangerous it is to drive a car after being administered a dose of methadone?

As a former Jackson County methadone patient I never stopped stealing and dealing while on their program. I also drove while under the influence of methadone daily and can remember running many stop signs/red lights. I mixed other drugs with the methadone as most addicts do.

Crime stops when you start taking methadone. Get real. A suggestion for heroin addicts looking for a cure: Try out a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Then you are not dependent on another addictive drug for feeling better.

I have to wonder how objective the methadone program can be in quoting statistics of recovery due to the fact that their paycheck is dependent on the financial success of their program. ' Chuck Brook, Medford