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Keep eyes on road

Oh, there is one butt (pun intended).

You know what gripes me? People who pay more attention to drivers of cute maroon Corvettes than the road. ' Kathryn Surles, Central Point

Stop Walden bill

While Congressman Greg Walden created forest legislation to pay back the timber industry for their healthy campaign donations, Congressman Peter DeFazio worked to protect the taxpayer.

DeFazio saw through Walden's corporate payback legislation that allocated no money to fuel reduction. DeFazio offered an alternative that while not perfect, would protect homes and communities rather than corporate profits.

DeFazio looked at what the forest needed. DeFazio worked to produce a sensible bill that would not cause more polarization.

— Walden produced a bill that former Gov. John Kitzhaber declared would result in less work getting done. The rest of the Oregon delegation voted against Walden's bill.

The only reason Walden stays in office is because many of the members in his district have no idea how foolishly he behaves in Congress. Now Ron Wyden must take on the spirit of Peter DeFazio and stop Walden's bill in the Senate. ' Diane Pasquini, Ashland

Wings say thanks

Thanks to all of the businesses and individuals who donated items or cash to the Rogue Valley Wings Chapter A 6th Annual Poker Run, held on June 7. We had a great turnout despite the fact that several other motorcycle functions were also going on.

Motorcycle USA furnished us a complete barbecue after the ride, Naumes Oregon Motorsports furnished doughnuts and coffee, and Indian Motorcycle shop manned a checkpoint stop for us. We couldn't have done all that we did without the participation of about 140 businesses.

We also were very pleased that Channel 12 and 10 came out to do a story on what we were doing, which was raising money for the National Kidney Foundation and motorcycle safety. Thanks to all who participated in the ride as well. ' Lillian Schroeder, Chapter Director, Rogue Valley Wings

Nader should have quit

There's the scripture story of two mothers disputing ownership of a baby. When the baby was about to be evenly cleaved in two, one mother gave up her cause to save its life, asking King Solomon to give the baby to the other mother instead.

For some reason, Ralph Nader's presidential candidacy reminds me of this story. Though running for president is a right and a calling to be honored, I think at that crucial point Nader should have cared more about our country and given up his lost cause. ' Patti Morey, Ashland

Leave her alone

The lady on North Phoenix with the old house has put up with enough from the developers. First they took most of her front yard and now they want 15 feet of her side yard to put up a stop sign.

They could leave her alone and just put up a cantilevered flashing red light and stop sign. This could even become a traffic light in the future, but then they would probably want to put the control box in her living room. ' Don Green, Medford

That demon sugar

In the Wednesday, June 18 Mail Tribune on Page 10A the article was titled, Care falls short for the depressed, by Lindsey Tanner. The article states some of the signs of depression as follows:

Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, persistent sadness, anxious or empty mood, loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities. Decreased energy or fatigue, being slowed down.

I'll just add some of my own as a fellow sufferer as follows: hand numbness and itching.

Simple cure: Stop eating so much sugar. ' Janet Arnold, Central Point

Intestinal fortitude

In Salem Rob Patridge is supposed to be representing the interests of the voters of Medford. However, he has spent a good part of this session trying to cut back the minimum wage increase we voted for and a lot of time trying to get even because he wasn't appointed a judge.

In the meantime, Medford schools and all Oregon schools are being hamstrung by lack of funds. The way to solve that is to vote in a sales tax, but it takes intestinal fortitude (i.e. guts) to do that. Does Rob have what it takes? ' Jean Maack, Medford

Stand up and be counted

We have a crisis in higher education which our government is ignoring. On the same day I received two letters. One was from Texas A&M. Texas has a &

36;5 billion fund shortage, so support for state colleges is down. They are contacting all alumni, asking for contributions to help cover the shortage.

The University of Maryland said that Maryland has a &

36;1.5 billion deficit and therefore they were asking the alumni for contributions to help out.

Here in Oregon, state colleges are raising tuition to replace declining state support. My oldest son is a professor at the University of North Carolina. The same situation there. UNC is cutting salaries by 12 percent.

Traditionally, working class families send their children to state colleges because they are cheaper. If we let our state schools go to pot, we will become an elitist society where only the rich send their kids to college.

I suggest we, the people, stand up and be counted. Let's form a new political organization: Committee to Remove all Public Officials (CRAPO). Next election, let's vote against every incumbent. I don't guarantee this will solve the problem, but they can't possibly do a worse job than the overpaid sycophants now in office. ' Jeff Cheek, Medford

Relay a success

I would like to thank all of the people who helped to make the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Medford such a success. Because of the support of many individuals, local businesses and volunteers, we were able to raise more than &

36;57,000 that will be used in the fight against cancer!

We'll start planning for our 2004 Relay For Life in the fall. If you would like to get involved, whether on the planning committee as a sponsor or by putting a fundraising team together, all volunteers are welcome!

For more information, please contact Deanne Tanner at 541-535-8477. Again, thank you to everyone involved with planning and presenting the 2003 Relay For Life of Medford. ' Deanne Tanner, chairperson, 2003 Relay For Life of Medford

Wisely deserves thanks

I feel constrained to write this letter after seeing mostly negative Steve Wisely material in the paper for the past year. Personally, my hat is off to Steve as he enters retirement. Our community has been blessed to have Steve as our leader of School District 549c since the '80s.

Thanks, Steve, for bringing many years of stability, vision and leadership to our Medford School District. You have steered the district during tumultuous times and done it exceedingly well.

After a succession of superintendents and many associated problems in the '70s and early '80s you have provided continuity and a sense of calmness to our district. You should be very proud of a distinguished career in education.

We have been lucky to have you as our superintendent for all these years. Thank you for serving your community so well and enjoy your retirement that you so richly deserve. ' Mike Naumes, Medford

City needs Wal-Mart

There are some people in this community that really don't know much about Wal-Mart.

We have lived in Alaska where prices are very high, but Wal-Mart isn't. It has the same prices as the lower 48.

Wal-Mart has a memorial started for World War II veterans with the help of Tom Hanks.

We lived in Newport, Ore., where they give people work, senior citizens and people with disabilities. They have a walk-a-thon for MS and other diseases. They donate money to all kinds of people in need.

A woman whose house burned down, the employees took up a money fund in a local bank and Wal-Mart donated clothes for her kids and blankets, linens and cookware for the family.

So, Mr. letter writer, this big box company helps the community with revenues for our police and other tax-paid servers.

It's time for Central Point to have a chance to buy affordable products. ' Gloria Ruth, Central Point