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More than trees

Pat Clason's response to my letter concerning deceitful lies about salvage logging fell far short of proving his point. He used the Tillamook and Oxbow burns as examples to counter the statement that salvage logging degrades post-fire recovery and that our forest management policies are responsible for many of our fire problems.

Clason conveniently failed to mention that the Tillamook fire was caused by a logging operation and the Oxbow fire was caused by a spark from a road construction vehicle. Scientists have claimed that logging in wilderness areas increases the risk of fires there. Thanks for clearing the air with such great examples!

Also, by pointing to a stand of human-planted trees, Clason claims a healthy forest exists. Yet scientists who understand the complex interactions of forest ecology agree that human-planted tree farms are not as diverse, healthy, or fire resistant as natural forests. You see, Pat, it takes more than trees to make a forest.

Attempting to discredit good science does nothing more than serve the interests of those who have bought many of our politicians and who make enormous profits at the expense of our environment. ' Ken Crocker, Ashland

Democrats too boring

I attended the Democratic party meeting held Thursday, June 12. I had to leave early because I feared I would go to sleep, fall out of my chair and hurt myself. Yes, it was that boring!

— If the Democratic party in Jackson County is going to get their candidates elected, they first must stop bemoaning the doings of the Bush administration, stop preaching to the choir, and get the electorate excited about somebody.

From the view of a casual observer, the Democratic party has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Come on, folks! Get some energy flowing. We need to change the federal administration desperately while there is still something left of our country for the people.

My presidential candidate is Dennis Kucinich, the only Democratic candidate who has come out and told the truth, has a plan and has the energy to get this country back on track.

Think about it, folks. Four more years of George Bush? Uh, uh! Nope! ' Donald W. Graham, Talent

AuCoin goes to far

There is some political balance in differing political opinions, and then there is idiocy. Idiocy is either extreme to the extent that there is no fact in it. Emotional ranting hasn't legitimate spaces in a reputable newspaper.

Les AuCoin should be dropped as a columnist because he has stepped off the left end of the political spectrum into space. He gives sensible environmentalism a bad name.

Technically, his choices of adjectives color his statements to fantasy. His premises are fear-driven and make no sense.

Get rid of this jerk.

I've been trained as a journalist and literary critic and I'd flunk his effort as unsupported, lacking fact and personal belief beyond the good sense of believability. His writing takes up space better used by someone else.

And, if he believes this stuff himself, he might qualify for institutional care. ' Jack Benedict, Shady Cove

Newsletter incomplete

A few days ago, I received a newsletter from the city of Medford along with my water bill and was very interested in the article on the PERS situation and the city budget. I have no problem with the causes of the problem as stated, but I do have a problem with what wasn't mentioned.

1. The PERS laws were enacted by the state Legislature and not by the PERS Board or PERS retirees.

2. There would be no problem had the stock market not declined and corporate profits were greatly reduced.

3. Interest on savings, money market and other interest earning accounts drastically declined.

If the situation returned to the prosperity of the late 1990s the problems with PERS would disappear.

The Medford newsletter was incomplete. It should have cited all of the causes of the PERS problem. ' Stan Marchington, Medford