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We need a no-spam list, too

It's interesting that Oregon and now the national government have no-call lists. I definitely think it will help put a stop to unsolicited calls.

What baffles me is people aren't lobbying their congressman for protection against UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) and other unwanted e-mail(s). Correct me if I am wrong, but it's definitely time that we have a 'no e-mail' list that one can get on and spammers get a spanking and then a fine for repeated offenses.

Some states already have laws in place; however it's time the federal government gets involved and now would be a great time for Oregon to get a state law on the books.

Also, for anyone wondering what you can do with the spam you're currently getting, the FTC has an e-mail address you can forward the e-mail with full headers to. It is uce@ftc.gov. ' Steve M. Ryan, Medford

Voters make their own choices

Regarding the letter of June 27 by Donald W. Graham addressed to the Democratic Party of Jackson County: The business meeting Mr. Graham and Jill Iles attended was for adoption of the budget for fiscal 2003-2004. This was the only meeting Mr. Graham and Ms. Iles have attended.

— We had a social hour and soup's on before the business meeting. Earlier programs were the Citizens for Oregon's Future presentation of The Tax Structure and Budget Situation in Oregon and a U.S. Forest Service representative on The Biscuit Fire and Implications for Forest Management.

Mr. Graham might have found those programs and our monthly newsletter, The Jackson County Democrat, of interest.

Our policy is non-advocacy of Democratic candidates before a primary election or party convention. We believe that an informed electorate can make decisions without our telling them for whom to vote. Our members, individually, are participating in presidential candidates' campaigns.

Ms. Iles is showing a video of her candidate at the Aug. 14 meeting. Our July 12 meeting is a picnic to which all Democrats and friends are invited. ' Bill Layton, chairman, Jackson County Democratic Central Committee, White City

Lowry column a trial balloon

Rich Lowry's syndicated column attacking the pampered elderly (June 20) has outraged many readers, and justly so.

But let's hope their outrage doesn't end with this column. Lowry's been peddling his propaganda in the Mail Tribune for some time now, and readers should inform themselves about who he is, and who he serves. It would be a mistake to think that he's speaking only his own mind.

Lowry edits the National Review, a major voice of radical Republicans who get their marching orders from opinions published in this magazine. Lowry's job is to keep up a constant drumbeat against Democrats and the progressive programs they've enacted over the years, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and environmental protection.

Bush and the Republicans, of course, as just about everybody knows by now, have targeted these programs through their tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy campaign.

So the outrageous column in question, like many of his columns, is a trial balloon. The Republicans he speaks for fear a vehement public backlash if they move too fast in their scheme to dismantle progressive social programs. The outrage locally is highly encouraging: we're paying close attention and reacting to the propaganda and lies we're surrounded with. ' Isaac Walker, Ashland

RVTD at it again

Here we go again. RVTD's chairwoman Eva Avery just can't let go. On the one-year anniversary of the board's bizarre decision to embark in a new direction, not yet revealed, we continue the mission of character assassinations.

The May election should have sent a message that the new direction was not endorsed by the public.

Avery said she was not sure why Moore was the only board member to oppose the decision to name the new general manager. The answer is quite obvious: Ed Chapman's absence and Moore's integrity. ' Alfred Willstatter, Ashland