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Depressing reruns

After introductions at the June Democrats meeting, an inspirational speech rehashing all the negatives of this current administration was given. Intelligent people were sitting in a stuffy room listening to depressing reruns. Let's stop this ineffective pattern of preaching to the choir.

Dennis Kucinich, the man who walks his talk, represents the fury and passion of the people and is not afraid to be anti-war and anti-corporate. The failure of Democratic leaders in Congress to challenge the policies of Bush and his minions is a loud wake-up call.

Kucinich is demanding answers and the walls of Wolfowitz, Rove, Kristol, Cheney, etc., are beginning to crack as lies to Congress and the American people become more and more obvious. He deserves our support.

Quoting Bill Moyers, do not be afraid to be a 'warrior' in the war the other side started and is determined to win.

We must not concede to the opponent's value system, nor fight on his turf. If we do, we will be irrelevant and obsolete.

— Again, Moyers: Allow yourself that conceit ' to believe that the flame of democracy will never go out as long as there is one candle in your hand. ' Jill A. Iles, Talent

Keynes' proven logic

Economics should be based on the logic of human action, not on wishful theories.

Such a truism is Ben Stanos' thesis in his June 26 letter. However, Stanos' patron, economist Ludwig von Mises, turns the logic of Keynesian economics on its head with shaky economic theories.

Mises argues that Clinton's use of Keynesian economics is the cause of our present recession. His argument is unstable, however, because it is based on events that have not yet come in a full historical circle: It takes 20 years for historical trends to become apparent. Therefore, President Clinton's economic successes and failures have not yet been proven by the trial of time. Keynesian economics, on the other hand, has.

British economist John Maynard Keynes argued that unused savings prolong depressions, ergo, the cure for a depression is deficit spending. In April 1937, during the heat of the Great Depression, President Roosevelt embraced Keynes' logic and poured money into public works such as the Civilian Conservation Corps. The poor used the money they earned to buy and sell goods, and the Depression was alleviated from its prior doldrums of 25 percent unemployment.

Thus Keynes' historically proven logic overshadows Mines' theories. ' Waylon C. Lenk, Ashland

Question our leaders

I'm writing in response to James Bennett on June 28. Yes, Mr. Bennett, there are tyrants in this world that do horrible things to people. I am sorry for those people and feel there are better ways to help them than by bombing their country. Yes, there are people who support our president and the unjust and immoral things that he has done while in office (a pre-emptive war with no imminent threat to justify it).

I am sorry for those people also. I am sorry that they are misled, misinformed or blindly patriotic.

To be faithful to your country and its ideals does not mean to unquestionably follow and support its leaders. In fact, to be a good citizen requires that you are diligent in watching what the leaders are doing to make sure they do not stray from the ideals of your country.

The numbers that support the president's actions have been gradually going down due to more accurate information reaching the public. Please do your patriotic duty and get informed so we can maintain the ideals that our great country was built on: peace, freedom, justice and honesty.

Wake up, America! You can make a difference! ' Debra Herzog, Trail

Democratic Party a sham

Regarding Mr. Donald Graham's June 27 letter, he must understand that the Democratic Party is the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

Democrats are terrified of speaking out for fear that they might be accused of taking a stand on the issues. As an example, if an elected Democrat relates or even implies that George Bush has lied to the people, another Democrat will immediately respond by saying that George Bush is doing a brilliant job for the nation.

The Democratic Party has become a sham with no direction, no leader, no platform and especially no guts or backbone! What Mr. Graham witnessed is the Democratic Party at its best!

Even at the local level there is no enthusiasm by the Democratic Party to dislodge any Republican incumbent, i.e., Sen. Lenn Hannon. If a Democrat is elected, they soon assume the mantle of a Republican, i.e., Rep. Alan Bates.

Mr. Dennis Kucinich has no chance of winning the primary election. He tells the truth, and neither the elected members of the Democratic Party nor the majority of people believe anything but the propaganda being spewed by appointed and elected members of the Republican Party and the Bush administration. ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point