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Credit where it's due

I appreciated your editorial supporting the Community Advisory Committee because planning decisions should be open to the public. Oregon Planning Goal — states that the general public will be involved in the ongoing land-use planning process.

I want to respond to the so called adversarial role that Jackson County Citizens League had toward the county. In the early 1990s, JCCL found the county planning department had made illegal decisions. At that time they had a pattern of illegal permits, which brought on a state enforcement order.

The enforcement was lifted after several years. JCCL continued to monitor the permit process and appealed a small number and prevailed on some.

JCCL has also worked with the Jackson County planners on a revised land development ordinance, has supported and trained neighbors and advisory committees for testifying in permit appeals and hearings, has been involved in the process of the Regional Problem Solving Project identifying resource lands, open space and growth areas in Bear Creek Valley, and has given public programs on good planning.

I hope you can give credit to JCCL's effort to keep Jackson County a good place to live. ' Porter Lombard, Medford

Get your WMD right here

WMD are found right here at home. First, the elite media continue to spread their prevarications and distortions. Look at how the recent Middle East operations of freedom were covered.

Whatever happened to the dreaded Arab street uprisings that were predicted? The talking heads have never gotten over Vietnam and their distrust of government and our military.

Second, the public schools and colleges are worse than ever in terms of safety and results. Pouring more money into these morally bankrupt institutions is insane. Kids haven't changed. Our expectations of and for them have!

Third, our legal system is out of control. Common sense and tort reform are needed immediately.

Fourth, illegal immigration has set the U.S. on a course to ruination. Demographics and crime point to an ugly future.

Finally, the liberal and socialistic agenda have made patriotism and Christianity verboten. Sadly, many church leaders have dialed into this political conformity.

We can and must win this war against the liberals' WMD. The social engineering of the last 40 years has failed miserably. The permissiveness has to end or none of us will survive. May God help us. ' Tom and Carol Moeller, Medford

Lucky to have Hannon

The majority of the elected leaders of today seem to be more interested in pushing social agendas in order to avoiding tough problems than tackling the important issues of the day.

I'm all for political debate, but when our schools are severely under-funded, our court system barely functioning and social services cut beyond the bare bone there isn't time for political debate of social agendas.

We are lucky to have a senator who puts first things first, Sen. Lenn Hannon. His actions this session show he is committed to moving Oregon forward and fixing the budget crisis.

He's one of the few leading the fight in Salem to fix Oregon's real problems rather than spouting off political-speak over the agendas of the far right or the far left. Please call his office and urge Sen. Hannon to continue keeping the Senate on track and away from divisive time-consuming social issues, (800-332-2313) or (503-986-1703). ' Mary Kay Michelsen, Ashland

Better here than Iowa

I enjoyed Roger Simon's article about Iowa (June 26). He wrote about how nice people in Iowa are. I can vouch for that. I lived there 74 years.

A year ago I moved to Ashland. I've found that the people here are just as nice as those in Iowa.

There are some differences. The weather in Ashland is better. Taxes (including real estate taxes) and utilities are much less in Oregon.

On the other hand, Iowa has a balanced budget. Still, I plan to spend my next 75 years in Ashland. ' Maynard Telpner, Ashland