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Where do we draw the line'

It is now more than a week past July 4, and we still have firecrackers and airborne fireworks going off in our neighborhood, even with all of the fire danger they create.

It's one thing to ignore the laws once a year on the justification that it's our country's birthday. But, at what point do the neighborhood disturbances stop? Where do we draw the line between celebration and criminal behavior? ' Hal Wing, Medford

Leave and let Iraqis rebuild

Now that Saddam Hussein has been deposed it is time to bring American troops home and let the Iraqis rebuild their country.

The longer we stay the more we will be blamed for the misery caused by the Iraqi thugs that have blown up electric plants and oil pipelines.

The Iraqis have the ability and will to rebuild their country. ' Robert K. Stock, Medford

A sad time indeed

Are all the media bought and paid for? Where are the outcries about King George's continued lying? The press castigated Clinton for his lying about his sex life but his lies didn't cause the harm King George et al are doing to our credibility and reputation around the world and at home.

The election was a fraud (Alan Dershowitz's Supreme Injustice-How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000) when five justices voted their self-initiated political affiliations rather than the rule of law.

Layoffs continue and grads can't get jobs (this is an improving economy?); crooks like Ken Lay walk free and the dead do-nothing Democrats are too chicken to speak out. Rich Lowry has proven to be no fool like a young fool. He has been spoon-fed and swallowed a load of horse pucky regarding seniors.

This unholy war has cost American lives and all our money is going to WMDs and other countries, while at home all our systems and structures are failing. A very sad time indeed for our country. ' Jerry Harris, Talent

League's interest was clear

The Jackson County Citizens League's special interest was very clear ' to ensure that local government followed statewide land-use laws, nothing more. The mission of the organization was to protect farmland, forests and open space.

Special-interest groups usually stand to gain from their efforts. JCCL gained nothing other than the knowledge that it helped maintain the land-use practices and quality-of-life values that the majority of citizens in Jackson County support. It was an advocacy group. ' Mary-Kay Michelsen, past president, Jackson County Citizens League, Ashland

What the U.N. wants

For those of you who didn't want to invade Iraq 'til the United Nations gave its OK. Do you really know much about the anti-American, one world U.N.?

Did you know its world court has ordered the U.S. government to stop the execution of three Mexicans who have been tried, convicted and sentenced to death in U.S. courts of law.

Yes, I said ordered! Did you know the U.N. wants us to stop using the death penalty in the U.S., that it kicked every U.S. citizen off the U. N. commission on human rights, that it believes U.N. rules and regulations should dictate U.S. policy, that it wants to ban gun ownership, that Michael Newwas cashiered out of the Army because he refused to wear the U.N. military uniform, that Kofi Annan wants U.S. citizens to fund the U.N., that in addition to the 25 percent of the U.N. bills we already pay, that the U.N. wants to take U.S. soldiers to its world court to prosecute them for war crimes?

Maybe you should know more about the U.N. before we surrender our constitutional rights and before we let it interfere with U.S. interests. ' Jim McCormick, Medford

Already read it

I am anxiously awaiting publication of the book, The Destruction of the United States of America, by George W. Bush.

It should be a world shaker. I'll probably be too poor to buy it, but then I've already read large parts of it.' J. Smith, Medford