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Sounds like funny math

The speed enforcement van allows between 20 and 30 citations to be issued on an average day. Each citation collects a &

36;109 fine. Five days a week, 52 weeks a year, that calculates to &


Deputy Chief Norris states that the van is a break-even proposition for the city. I have nothing against the speed enforcement van, but if it costs &

36;708,500 a year maybe Medford should reconsider.

Break-even? Sounds like funny math to me. ' Robert Soltz, Medford

(Not) renting with pets

I would like to know where landlords expect responsible people who have pets and have no choice but to rent from them to live.

I have been actively looking for a small two-bedroom house in the country I can afford for myself and roommate, one dog, and one elderly cat for the past six months. I have excellent references, too, yet practically every rental ad states no pets. Where do they expect us to rent? ' Dave Kauke, Talent

Declare a pre-emptive victory

Thus far, there are no WMDs, there are no nuclear connections, there is no Saddam, and Iraqi civilians are organized into guerrilla groups devoted to killing Americans.

Perhaps it's time in this pre-emptive war to declare a pre-emptive victory and bring our troops home. ' Don Vondracek, Ashland

Flag should fly

I applaud the initiative of 13-year-old Jesse Stanton and the decision by the Ashland School District to fly the American flag at Willow Wind. I am, however, heartbroken at the reaction by some of the parents; our flag is the symbol of this great nation and should be honored as such.

I don't know why people such as Tracy Bungay stay in the United States if it is such a terrible place to live and raise children. She states that she wants to raise her children to be citizens of the world. What does that mean?

The fact is that her children and my children are citizens of the United States and should be taught to honor and respect America. My children, and children like Jesse Stanton, who love the United States and her flag, deserve the right to see her fly proudly. If America is not acceptable to some, I'm sure there are other countries that are looking for a few good citizens of the world. ' L. Dyer, Eagle Point

Deceit or incompetence

The buck stops at the White House. President Bush either knew that his evidence for war was false, or he should have known. It is either deceit or incompetence.

I call for the immediate resignation of the entire Bush administration. To mislead America into war is unacceptable.

Hundreds of our soldiers have died with no imminent threat to our country. Honest, competent leadership is needed to get us ' and Iraq ' out of this horrible mess. ' Peter Buckley, Ashland

A dodger and a finger-pointer

A plaque on President Harry Truman's desk read, 'The Buck Stops Here. Today's president is a dodger, a finger-pointer about the most important happening, the origination of the war in Iraq. If it ain't the CIA, it's his own NSA. He takes no responsibility for anything.

Well, that ain't quite true. He is responsible for the attorney general and the secretaries of defense and state, the water carriers for the corporations doing business in Iraq. He hired all of them. And then there's this vice president who holds secret meetings on energy, whose company does major business in Iraq.

Sadly enough, there's one area this president is not responsible for. That area is the flaccid Democrats elected to Congress. They laid over dead. He plumb rolled over them.

Well, there's more, ever so much more about a president who confuses America with a strange brand of nationalism which omits the American people. ' Sidney E. Goldberg, Ashland

Protect wild salmon

Regarding the 2 million pink Alaskan salmon that may be dumped into the ocean as waste: When humans raise and release 120 million hatchery fry each spring, they can expect problems.

The Solomon hatchery said the expectation (is) that most will not survive. Surprise! Your mistake. All these salmon came back. To haunt you.

As usual, Mother Nature knows best. How will this hatchery-raised fish waste affect the natural environment of Valdez waters'? No one's talking about that. Protect wild salmon. ' Katherine Leppek, Eagle Point

God help us, indeed

Repeated lies are certainly effective. Look at what Bush and the extreme right have accomplished. I recently read a letter about how terrible the liberals are, a charge repeated many times by neo-conservatives while claiming to be patriots and Christians.

A patriot loves his country, not a president selected by the Supreme Court who justified invasion of a sovereign country based on a lie.

As a Christian liberal, I believe in exhibiting qualities proper to a follower of Jesus. I know Bush thinks God told him to invade Iraq, but Christian commandments say we shall not kill (innocent civilians), bear false witness (lie about WMD, terrorists, etc.) or worship any other gods (power and wealth).

Christian liberals believe that sharing, not greed, is what Jesus teaches. Consider Luke 3:11: Whoever has two shirts must give one to the man who has none, and whoever has food must share it.

The Bush agenda is about concentration of wealth and power in the ruling class as he defines it, not in helping those in need. Pay attention to what Bush does, not to what he says. God help us, indeed! ' Karen Asche, Medford