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Looking pretty silly

It is obvious that liberal Democrats who keep writing in and viciously bashing President Bush are misguided. If this was a Democrat in office, they would be applauding his every move as brilliant, even heroic, as they did with Bill Clinton.

But the clear facts is, most of them are just still mad because their guy didn't win. Time to get over it and move on. This is looking pretty silly. ' Jim Ronda, Medford

Truman had it right

Harry Truman said it correctly ' The buck stops here! ' when he took full responsibility for his office and speeches. Look at the contrast now ' it must have been someone else's fault. I truly wish we had an honest president, a president we could be proud of. ' Helen Bayne, Jacksonville

Library seeks tech help

A big thank you to Wendy Ardolino for her excellent article regarding library enhancements in the Friday, July 11 paper. One minor clarification needs to be made. The money being raised for enhancements to the new library is to pay for art, two reading gardens and new books. It does not pay for technology.

The Jackson County Library Foundation recently formed a separate committee to develop a program seeking funds for technology enhancements at all the new libraries throughout Jackson County. The JCLF is looking for county residents with technology savvy who would like to serve on this committee. Initial technology needs are self check-out equipment, computers, ADA workstations, portable labs and projection equipment.

— If you would like more information, to help on this committee, or to donate money to the technology program call 772-4601 or visit the Web site . ' Mitchell Seidman, treasurer, JCLF, Medford

Lighten up

Ah, come on Gen Putnam, lighten up.

Are you always this pleasant after reading the morning paper or were you just having a bad hair day? If so, maybe a hot cup of good coffee and a donut would make you feel better. ' Maxine Lacy, Yreka, Calif.

Citizens deserve better

Reeve Hennion's guest opinion (July 10) attempts to paint a rosy picture of Jackson County's citizen involvement program. Unfortunately, he leaves out a number of facts.

The citizen advisory committees were intended to provide ongoing input to the counties concerning land-use actions in their local areas. The CACs have asked for adequate time and information to fulfill their requirements, not special privilege.

Hennion cites a successful example of a stakeholders' committee to study the new Land Development Ordinance, but fails to say how that committee provides representation and outreach to rural areas. The county spent years developing an entirely new comprehensive plan that citizens have had less than 60 days to review. The public meeting for the plan is at 9 a.m., when most people are working.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. It is unfortunate that citizen government has been compromised by lobbyists and special interest groups who wander the halls of government to push their agendas. Certainly when the DEQ meets July 23 to consider lowering air quality standards, few working people can attend the 9 a.m. meeting.

Jackson County citizens deserve better information from their government and a fair opportunity to influence government actions. ' Jack Duggan, Jacksonville

Lampreys not beneficial

The Pacific Lamprey article in the Mail Tribune brought back some sad memories to me regarding lampreys in the Great Lakes. The lamprey wiped out the lake trout fishing industry in those lakes in the 1950s, and the federal, state and Canadian governments spent multi millions of dollars attempting to control them and continue to do so to this day.

Over the years they've tried trapping and killing them with weirs, electrical shocks and chemicals, with varying success. Stocking of chinook and coho salmon has been quite successful, but the lamprey control is a continuing process. Before anyone, including Mr. Rick Nawa, decides to popularize the lamprey, they should study the history of the lamprey in the Great Lakes.

A quick study of this can be done by going to Google on the Internet, looking up lamprey and then Great Lakes lamprey. Those who read the article will quickly note that the species is a prolific producer and doesn't need any help to survive.

Although the Great Lakes lamprey came from the Atlantic, the species sounds like a very close relative to the Pacific lamprey, and our salmon are too precious to expose them to such a vicious predator. ' Bill Kyle, Shady Cove