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No more taxes

Measure 28 was for the kids, but our Oregon elected politicians are always pointing at Measure 28 as a reason to raise taxes, almost everywhere else. Since Measure 28 failed, I stand in shock and awe how elected politicians can get away with more taxes when we keep on yelling ' no more taxes!

Have you ever asked yourself why an elected politician with pay or with no pay, is always begging to keep his or her job? Maybe it's because ever since the Boston Tea Party, a politician has never filed for bankruptcy while in office. But please, don't get me wrong. I truly love my elected politicians, since they gave me the right to file Chapter 13 at any time, so I can catch up on my back taxes. ' Tom Rolie, Medford

Is life better now?

Thinking today about the enjoyment of the fair and rides ' I can remember the 1940s when we looked forward to the carnivals west of town (Medford) when my buddies (we all lived on Court Street), Kenneth Gentry, Chuck Cowan, Warren Lundquist, the Swedburg brothers Gene and Steve, and myself, would see the search lights in the skies at night and walk to where the carnival was located. What great fun it was to go on the various rides, throw the baseballs and go to the various booths.

Would we let our responsible 10- to 15-year-olds out at night, to do that today?

What a shame we have progressed to the way it is today.

— Thank the people we have elected to make our lives better?

Former Mail Tribune carrier in 1946 ' Jim Lillie, Medford

A fair limit?

I'm a senior driver, and your article about the senior who lost control causing the death of 10 people struck me very hard. My wife and I just moved here to live in Ashland.

We had lived in Florida and still have valid Florida drivers licenses. I am 83 years old and was told that I needed to get an Oregon license if I was going to live here.

This didn't present any problems until at the DMV I was told that I needed to take a written test. I tried it and flunked. I do have a big memory problem. When I asked if I could take a drivers test I was told that I had an excellent driving record. (I have been driving for 65 years with no accidents.) But I needed to keep taking the test. I also have fine vision. So, what should I do? I am a retired university professor. I am in good physical condition and face a very sad life if I can't drive. I guess I'll just have to go back to Florida! ' J. Justin Gray, Ashland

Foresters part of problem

On 7/15/03 Pat Clason's letter, Don't lecture a forester, in turn, took Ken Crocker to task for Crocker's 6/27/03 More than trees letter.

Don't lecture a forester. Oh, really! Clason stated he is a professional forester with over 40 years in forestry. Well, old-time foresters, and other foresters like him, are precisely what is wrong with the profession. Forestry training used to be (and may still be) focused on the production of products from forests. Old-time foresters are unable to see the forests for the trees. Their primary concern is for the greatest increase rate of growth of timber.

Foresters' motto for the forests was (and, again, may still be) Use it or lose it!, which is as intelligent as the person who says, Any water reaching the ocean is wasted. ' Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Will anyone believe?

When the Commander in Thief finally finds his weapons of mass destruction, is there anyone who will believe he didn't plant them? ' Alma Jefferson, Medford