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Older, but still 'happening'

We all may be getting older, but the happening crowd up on the Britt hill Saturday didn't let aching joints keep us down. It was one of the finest shows I've ever seen and it's good to know their words really are timeless ... even if you did cut your hair! Many of our community's finest middle-aged guys still felt like they had hair past their collars that night. Were we in Jacksonville, cuz it felt like Woodstock. ' Cheryl O'Reilly, Medford

A parking nightmare Mark Freeman's front-page story on parking at the fair on July 19 did not tell the whole story. Yes, the parking attendants were friendly and courteous, yes, the fair shuttle was the same, but don't stay past dark or you will pay for it.

When we left the fairgrounds on Thursday evening at 10 p.m. we were told that the shuttles quit running at dark, which meant a 15-minute walk to our car. Then attempting to leave the fairgrounds was a catastrophe.

There were no visible signs or help to guide one out. After 25 minutes and traffic coming in three different directions and no one directing traffic at night, we finally arrived at the freeway.

There were at least 5,000 cars in the parking grounds. For a collection of &

36;20,000, there should have been assistance given in leaving the parking lot.

— This was our last year at the Jackson County Fair. ' Russ Walker, Rogue River

Newbry was right

Thanks for a great article on Lynn Newbry. Lynn has led a distinguished career from orcharding to the Oregon Senate to Medford Corporation. Lynn possesses many attributes from being a genuine human being to being a wise legislator.

As noted in your article, Lynn was one of the few legislators to vote no on the historic Senate land use bill 100. Thirty years later his wisdom is shining through. This bill in combination with later interpretive administrative law has virtually destroyed private property rights and helped to create economic chaos in this state. Lynn understood many years ago that no land-use bill would work, that ignored economics. Lynn knew that ultimately economics drives everything.

Thanks, Lynn, for your distinguished public service. Time has proven your no vote on land use to be right. ' Mike Naumes, Medford

Can we do one thing right?

The original Florence fire, later to be known as the Biscuit fire, really wasn't either. It was the Kalmiopsis Wilderness fire. It was the largest forest fire in Oregon history, and for a reason. It was not a natural fire. Natural fires do not start in five different places. It was a fire directed to burn down a section of Oregon that was hands off. It was and is a fire in a designated wilderness area. Wilderness areas are not logged for salvage purposes. This land must, by law, remain to recover in its own way even though we know it was an act of arson. Can we do this one thing right? ' Ed Scanlin, Medford

Wrong again

Once again George got it wrong. It wasn't Iraq, it was Iran. ' Lorna Marona, Medford