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Tail still wagging dog

If I were the parent of a service person killed or seriously wounded in Iraq protecting their fellow soldiers, the Jessica Lynch dog and pony show would have me quite upset. Shame on broadcast media for giving hero status to someone who doesn't deserve it. The tail continues to wag the dog. ' M. Miller, Central Point

The forgotten victory

I read with interest the Mail Tribune on Sunday July 20,2003, In depth: a cold war tale of two Koreas. Although the signing of the armistice on July 27, 1953 at 10 a.m. is considered by many as a stalemate, history has now proven that the Forgotten War is now the Forgotten Victory. First we pushed the North Korean Army all the way to the Chinese border and then we pushed the Chinese Army back over the 38th parallel.

We stopped there because our joint chief of staffs did not want to risk war with China and Russia. We succeeded in holding our ground, and through the generosity of our young men, took care of 10,000 orphan children, and with the help of the Armed Forces Aid to Korea helped rebuild South Korea, turning it into one of the largest industrial nations in the world. You Korean veterans should stand tall and be proud of your accomplishment. I pray that the war in Iraq is half as successful for the people of Iraq as it was for the people of South Korea. ' Allen Forrette, Korean veteran, Medford

Donate to help

The Friends of Applegate Valley Fire District No. 9 are now soliciting useful donations for our annual yard sale in September. Those who wish to donate clean useful items can drop them off at the headquarters fire station at 1095 Upper Applegate Road just outside of Ruch.

— Please: no refrigerators, freezers, mattresses or tires. If there is a question about your donation please call 899-1050. ' J. Gary Johnson, Jacksonville

Slacking off

I propose that those in Jackson County who appear to have slack are merely lazy methamphetamine addicts in disguise. Those that know Bob, the living slackmaster, are the only ones who know true slack. Repent, quit your job, slack off! Remember, the world ends tomorrow and you may die! ' Randy Butts, Medford

Missionaries with bayonets

If the president has the final word on our foreign policy, he might remember Truman and Carter: The buck stops here.

That doesn't mean blaming the CIA or anyone else. If a government is to have an excuse to invade a country, the president should make damn well and sure that he knows what is going on. Duh!

If the United States is going to do wonderful things in bringing democracy to Iraq, what has it done for Afghanistan? Last I heard, our troops have control of Kabul ... and that's all. Are they rebuilding the country, establishing a new government? Or is that old history?

One might be reminded that People don't like missionaries carrying bayonets.

' Hal Crawford, Medford