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Fear runs society

Safety is ruining America. The recent cutting of the rope swing in the park above Ashland is just another example of fear running our society.

Risk management has come to justify everything from cutting this rope swing to invading Iraq. Where are we headed? Packed in cotton, padded from every danger? When will we remember that we all have a terminal illness? It's called life. ' Aaron Heller, Talent

Bush didn't lie

President Bush: The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium form Africa.

Tony Blair thinks this statement was true at the time of the State of the Union speech and is true today!

A writer from Ashland blasts the Medford Mail Tribune for its lack of coverage of a story that President Bush quite probably lied in stating that Iraq had attempted to secure uranium for a nuclear weapon.

— Also, the writer stated: Bush lies and the Ashland Daily Tidings covers it but the MT can't open an eyelid. Did you notice how the confused writer made a jump from quite probably lied to lies.

The Ashland Daily Tidings needs to realize that many readers are not independent thinkers. They will not go to the source, find the statement, and determine the validity of the statement.

Did the Ashland Daily Tidings print the exact statement made by President Bush? Did the Ashland Daily Tiding make it clear that this statement made by President Bush was not a lie?

I hope that the Ashland Daily Tidings will show more pity on those easy to confuse and be more clear in its coverage. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

More than one liar

Alma Jefferson's letter of July 22 is right. How could we believe a president who said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction when his predecessor was also saying that he did not have sexual relations with Monica? Then turned around and said he did?

How could we support Clinton when he accidentally bombed a sugar factory and said no apologies and caused us to have the movie Black Hawk Down?

Tell me how you quantify saying Bush lied when you ignore everything Clinton did? It is because there is no D by his name. When are you people going to realize that voting party lines to the point of ignoring one person's admitted lies and crimes only helps the guys in D.C.

If we vote for who we want, and not for a D or an R or an I or whatever then our vote does count. When we vote for D because we're D or R because we're R, we hurt us not them.

So if you're going to call Bush a liar then you had better be ready to accept that Clinton was one also because you're blaming Bush for something Clinton also did. ' David Frick, Medford

Not alone anymore

I've long thought mine was a lone cry in the wilderness (i.e., being a conservative Republican this close to Ashland). But after reading the letter from Donald Cramer (A cure for America), I don't feel quite so lonely.

This guy considers several of our larger problems with logic and some sense of reality, and not even once did he suggest that all of these problems were the fault of our president. Some of his ideas would be doable if we had any legislators with male hormones.

Stopping illegal immigration, deporting illegal immigrants and reducing the number of legal immigrants would perhaps impact job availability and could reduce the need for bilingual education. I've always believed that legal immigrants should learn to speak English.

How do we justify using multiple languages on voter information pamphlets or driving license exams? (It's expensive, too!)

Foreign policy? Let the rest of the world govern themselves. Revising our antiquated and ridiculous income tax rules and regulations has long been a desire of most Americans (except for the politicians, who are lobbied by folks who don't want these regulations changed).

Using the death penalty for terrorists? Why not? Way to go, Don! ' Murray La Hue, Phoenix