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Political movements

I hope your discerning readers noted the irony of Canada's liberalism appeals to unhappy Americans, which deserves a sequel that should be titled United States conservatism appeals to unhappy Canadians.

If they are unhappy here wait till they get to Canada. Why did 30,203 unhappy ' probably conservative ' Canadians move to our country while only 5,894 unhappy American liberals moved to Canada in 2001? Same for 2000 when 21,475 unhappy Canadians moved to the good old USA while 5,814 unhappy American liberals moved to Canada. ' Ralph A. Herbold, Ashland

How can it be?

How is the practice of training, caring and losing an animal be it a pig or steer, and then sending it off to be butchered beneficial to a child? Enlighten me! I had so hoped the little girl with Cleo would change her mind, but no, she went with what was expected of her, regardless of her feeling.

I cannot watch the news or read the paper, and it is all over! ' Barbara Smith, Medford

Why stay in Iraq?

Almost daily you read about American's being killed serving their country in Iraq. Almost daily, you also read that about two or so soldiers that die in some type of ambush.

— If we stay in Iraq for five years and two soldiers die a day, that's roughly 3,650. I'm not sure that's worth the risk. We've already found out they have no WMD, so what is left to stay for?

Now would be a fine time for the country of Iraq to truly run itself and put these murderers on trial before their own people. ' Steve M. Ryan, Medford