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Vote with pocketbooks

I think the people of Medford should vote with their pocketbooks on the Wal-Mart superstore. A very vocal minority does not have the right to decide where I shop.

If I and many others choose not to support the new store, it will fail. That is the way the American system works.

It is not councilman Jim Key's job to protect downtown businesses. The City Council cannot pick and choose which free enterprises it supports. ' Mike Mehl, Medford

Better curb appeal

Now that Wal-Mart seems a fait accompli, how about a drive to have them put in irregular clumps of trees across the facade to soften the monolithic appearance and give it better curb appeal? ' Janet Nelson, Ashland

Air quality improves

As a native of Medford who left the valley in the late '50s and now have retired to the area I am very thankful for our improved air quality from years past. One of the reasons for choosing this area was its quality of life.

— To find that some people are willing to compromise and let industrial sources increase pollution is disconcerting. From what I have been told there is no level of particulate that is good for you. I want to thank and support Commissioner Dave Gilmour and others who want to keep the air quality good and hopefully better.

We all gain by having stringent safeguards for the young, the old and those that are compromised. For new jobs in our area, we need to focus on those that are clean. With the valley's poor air ventilation we cannot afford more air pollution by design. ' Janice Bailey, Medford

Thanks, Wesley Howard

Thursday's front page calls Wesley Howard a Hermit and a reclusive millionaire.

I knew Wes for 21 years as our paths crossed at the Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) during 1976 thru September l995. I found him an intelligent, well-groomed and informed, concerned citizen. I enjoyed knowing Wes and respected his opinions.

He rarely missed a monthly meeting, arriving in good spirits. He shared insightful information on issues on the agenda.

He appeared to enjoy life, although he lived meagerly by his own choice. Money was not his god. (I never dreamed he was a wealthy gentleman.) Wes cared deeply about Jackson County and he loved the city of Medford.

He proved it by volunteering over 20 years on CPAC and by leaving his total wealth to benefit the youth of our area.

Thank you, Wesley Howard, for putting your money where your heart was. ' Rosalyn Rhinehart, Medford

Senior drivers are threats

On July 17, my family and I narrowly escaped a great personal tragedy. My younger brother was eating lunch at a market near his office. Minutes after he finished, a crazed driver plowed through that same market, killing 10 people and injuring many more.

I use the term crazed because I believe anyone confusing the gas and brake pedals must be diminished in some capacity. Had this driver been intoxicated, I am sure there would have been a call to arms from the great organization MADD.

However, because he is a senior citizen there is empathy from his peers, who fear having their own right to drive revoked. Perhaps it is time another grassroots organization was mobilized to deal with this looming problem.

As to letter writer J. Justin Gray's decision to relocate to Florida, I applaud it. His memory problems sound similar to the aforementioned seniors. If he moves, my 7-year-old son and I won't be worried about him running us down on our way to lunch. ' Shaun O'Grady, Central Point