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They can't see it

A president, pandering to the Christian right, would allow only heterosexual relationships to be approved by the state. A cardinal from a church that traditionally provided a convenient, comfortable closet for its many gay priests directs that Catholic politicians support this narrow definition of couple relationships.

These would-be leaders simply will not recognize that gay couples may enjoy a loving, stable, permanent relationship akin to that of straight couples. ' George McCartin, Jacksonville

Steering us straight

My name is Nicole Martin and I'm 10 years old. I'm an avid reader of the newspaper. I'm in a 4-H beef club.

In Sunday's paper, you printed an article about the Olsruds. The article said Mr. and Mrs. Olsrud bought eight beef cows at the 4-H auction. They actually bought eight beef steers.

Cows are females that have had calves and can't be sold at the auction. Steers are males that had their testicles removed and have fresher, tender meat. The Olsruds bought my steer at the fair, which I'm thankful for.

I'm very picky about how things are said and done. I just wanted to point that out. ' Nicole Martin, Central Point

Painful experience

In reference of Dave Kauke's July 17 letter about renting with pets: I own rentals and my family loves animals. So why don't I allow pets in my rural units? Simple. From past experience!

Even with so-called 'good references,' endless promises and stiff deposits, I have had cabinet doors chewed off their hinges, hollow-core doors clawed completely through, and brand-new carpets, drapes and window screens destroyed by claws, urine and feces.

I have had to replace paneling, drywall and subfloor because of urine damage. There has been endless damage to the lawns and landscape, not to mention the neighbor's livestock being harassed by dogs left to run loose.

I could go on and on. These things have happened not once, but more times than I like to admit.

Rentals are a business, not a charity foundation for people or pets. It's hard enough to break even some years with regular expenses, increasing taxes and insurance, etc. The chance of pet damage is too big of an added expense to risk, so I say No Pets Allowed. ' David W. Combs, Eagle Point

We're being had

It is really sad to see what Bush and Congress have done to the economy, but hardly surprising. Job growth is a huge negative, the public debt is out of control and you, the working man and woman, are paying the price.

Bush is not a friend of the person who works, but of the CEO that makes millions (even in down years) and the people who inherit power and wealth like himself. He is a person of privilege and doesn't understand the concept of work.

The extreme right who now control the Republican Party has always chastised the welfare recipient, but it is corporate welfare that is really costing the taxpayer. Jobs are being exported to foreign countries and the corporations go offshore to avoid paying taxes. Fair?

The Republican extreme right doesn't want to hear the term class warfare. But when Bush and Walden support huge tax breaks for the wealthy, what else is it?

Why did they support a change in overtime rules to the benefit of big corporations and to the detriment of the working person? And what have they done for you and your children?

We're being had, folks. Check it out for yourself. ' David E. Asche, Medford

Thanks to Papa John's

Thank you to Papa John's Pizza (located in the Blue Sky Plaza off McAndrews/Biddle) for being quick to respond to people in need. Saturday I witnessed this business extending a compassionate hand to someone in need.

A woman in a motorized wheelchair had become stranded trying to cross McAndrews. Several people had pushed her to the plaza to find an electric outlet to recharge her chair.

The clerk on duty in Papa John's graciously allowed the woman to recharge her motorized wheelchair. Plus, as a meal and a cold drink was being ordered for the woman while she waited for her chair to recharge, the clerk refused payment. It was the least the store could do.

It was refreshing ' too often we hear only what is good for the bottom line. We in the Medford community are indeed blessed with a kind and caring business like Papa John's. ' Beth Russell, Medford

When will we impeach?

We filed impeachment against President Clinton for lying about his sex life.

When will we file impeachment against President Bush for lying about Iraq resulting in the death of over 150 Americans and over 2,000 Iraqis? ' Roy Shaw, Ashland

Union stance disturbing

I was somewhat disturbed to read in the Mail Tribune that the Eagle Point teachers union rejected an offer that would give employees a 2 percent raise while having a health insurance program that is &

36;100 above the state average. I know many people in the valley who would love to maintain their previous year's salary.

Some people feel that because they are being paid by the public that they ought to be immune from a bad economy. However, I wasn't too surprised, since this is just part of a larger problem with the teachers unions.

In fact, the teacher unions contribute greatly to the learning problems in schools. It was Al Shanker, former president of American Federation of Teachers, who quite candidly said, When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of schoolchildren.

I discussed the recent school problems with a Medford school administrator. The administrator mentioned that the Medford school district had a rainy day fund which allowed it to do fairly well.

Unfortunately, the school official added that in most of the other districts the unions would not allow for those funds to exist because that money had to go into salaries. ' John Wickre, Medford

Saudis are the enemy

After reading Dore Gold's Hatred's Kingdom, one can reasonably assume that the U.S. has attacked the wrong Arab country. Consider a few of the book's claims:

1. Fifteen of the 19 terrorists involved in the Sept. 11 attacks as well as their leader, Osama bin Laden, were born and raised in Saudi Arabia.

2. A third of the prisoners the U.S. held from the war against bin Laden's al-Qaida were Saudi nationals (as of the summer of 2002).

3. The Saudi state was one of only three countries that recognized and backed Afghanistan's Taliban government.

4. An analyst for the Rand Corp. concluded that Saudi Arabia was an enemy of the U.S. and that the Saudis were active at every level of the terror chain.

The book attributes the main cause of terrorism to the version of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, known as Wahhabism. Inspiration for violence and jihad are to be found in Wahhabism.

The Saudis have funded worldwide institutions dedicated to furthering this creed. Those who do not accept Wahhabism are thought to be disbelievers and polytheists and it is permissible to kill them and confiscate their possessions.

Ample evidence of Saudi-sponsored hatred propagation is provided. ' C. J. Wiesenfarth, Eagle Point

Lying is nothing new

The finger-pointing about presidential lying appearing in Letters is almost amusing. It's like the writers believe either Clinton or George W. invented lying in office. Perhaps the writers are less than 20 years old and are unfamiliar with history, or they are older and with poor memories.

Presidents have lied to us before and no doubt will again. They are, after all, politicians, who feel justified in lying, telling half-truths (or half-lies), or putting some form of spin on the facts.

The difference between Clinton's lie and George's is Clinton's lie didn't cause people to die.

To those people who support Bush and let him do it again, I say shame on you. If I don't try to stop him from getting away with it again, I say shame on me. ' Bob Cook, Medford