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Proud Republican legacy

Giant redwood trees being cut, as well as a lot of clear-cutting, adding to global warming. Continued pollution of air and waterways, wars, and killing of thousands of innocent people, not mentioning the trillions of dollars in U.S. debt piling up, state governments broke, school classes cut, very high unemployment, treaties broken, lies and innuendoes distorting issues.

This proud Republican legacy will be passed on to all the people of the United States and the world. ' Don Schnitzer, Medford

No better way to spend taxes

A Tuesday letter writer was late for an appointment. Wonder if she would have stopped for pedestrians? (Since when do Phoenix residents pay Medford taxes?)

Nope, can't think of a better way to spend my Medford tax dollars than preventing an auto-pedestrian accident by rigid traffic enforcement ' and most probably those six officers were traffic division enforcement units; the rest were doing their other duties, including drug enforcement, I'm sure. ' J.D. Waite, Medford

A smart decision

Mr. Bartholomew says the recent Supreme Court decision will exonerate those who committed acts of sodomy in our churches, and that the Mail Tribune's reporting is not fair and balanced.

— What does sodomy between two consenting adults have to do with straight perverts having sex with children? Why would this decision make that OK? His opinion is not fair and balanced.

As a gay man, the thought of having sex with a child makes me shudder! Anyone gay or straight should be held accountable for committing sexual acts against someone without their consent, or with a minor.

This man should realize God created all of us and in all walks of life. This was a smart decision, it is no one's business what goes on inside of another person's bedroom and the courts realize that!

Don't like the reporting of the Mail Tribune, don't read it. If I don't like what's on my television I change the channel. Perhaps you should put your energy into something useful such as helping victims of sexual assault, and grumble less.

We are born accepting all, we learn/are taught to hate. ' Mike Westfall, Eagle Point

Comfort is primary

In response to Heat frays nursing homes, please be cautious in addressing the entire skilled nursing community, as there are those of us, like Highland House in Grants Pass, who have taken the precautionary measures necessary to maintain the appropriate level of comfort for our residents and patients by having equipped our facilities with effective air-conditioning systems.

However, I certainly appreciate your concern for our area's aging and disabled as too often it is overlooked their vulnerability to the effects of such extreme climates. ' Ben H. Young, assistant administrator, Highland House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Grants Pass

Not a done deal

Wal-Mart's spokeswoman, Ms. Amy Hill, has grossly mischaracterized the support of Talent residents. There is in fact a petition at the Talent store, but it is not at all in favor of the Supercenters; the petition is in favor of keeping the Talent store open.

I am disappointed in the recent media coverage of the Wal-Mart situation in Medford and in Central Point. We are finding that most of our neighbors are under the impression that because Wal-Mart submitted applications to both cities (hours or minutes before the city councils were to consider changing zoning laws), the Supercenters are a done deal. Quite the contrary, the planning commissions still have to review the applications and hear public input and it will be months before a final decision is made in either case.

I strongly encourage all citizens to call or write the planning commissioners and city councilpersons, to attend planning commission and council meetings to voice their opposition. We all have a right to be heard.

It's not too late. It's not a done deal. ' Becca Croft, Central Point

Iraq by the numbers

Iraq's population is about 23 million. First, we'll leave out women, children and men over 60. That brings us down to, conservatively, about 4 million men between 16 and 60.

Now, let's suppose ' because nobody knows for sure ' that 97 percent of these military age men now welcome the Americans as benevolent liberators.

We now have — percent of 4 million, or about 120,000 men (roughly the population of Eugene). These are the Iraqi malcontents. Some are pro-Saddam while others are merely anti-American. And many of them have access to the vast stores of conventional arms left from Saddam's regime, or weapons smuggled across remote borders from sympathetic groups in neighboring nations.

Only 120,000 men. However, when operating among your own people and on your own turf, you can be quite effective using guerrilla hit-and-run tactics.

So the continuing American casualties in Iraq should not come as a surprise.

I pray it will soon end, and all our troops come home safely. However, before that can happen, the Bush administration must admit that unilateral pre-emptive war was a mistake; apologize to old Europe and plead for assistance; and beg the United Nations to take over interim administration of the country. ' Bruce Borgerson, Ashland