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Where are they now'

Where are the Women in White and their placards which proclaimed, We Support President Bush and Our Troops? Perhaps they've gone home to make new placards which read, He Lied. They Died. ' Bill Sherwood, Medford

How much can students take?

Lower class size makes for a better learning environment. Why then has Eagle Point School District administration eliminated class size caps?

This fall there will no limit to the number of students in each Eagle Point classroom. Concerned? The school board meets Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Double shifting, loss of days, music, sports, teachers and counselors. No cap on class size? How much can students take? ' Katherine Leppek, Eagle Point

Two community alternatives

I'm writing to clear up an error in the Debate mounts on expansion of ski area article published July 23. In paragraph five, it reads, Rose hopes the document will include portions of a 'community alternative' produced by the club and the Headwaters environmental group.

— Considering the intense controversy surrounding this issue, it is important that accurate information be conveyed to the community.

Headwaters has been working with a group of local ski area users since May of 2002 on a community alternative that would better balance the desire for additional terrain with the need to protect the Ashland watershed. The users group formally presented a ski area improvement proposal to the Forest Service last summer. This proposal would allow terrain development up to the edge of the Middle Fork drainage while making the actual drainage a wilderness skiing area.

At the same time, the Rogue Group Sierra Club put forward a separate proposal to the Forest Service. This is another community alternative.

The users group is currently in the process of analyzing the draft Environmental Impact Statement. Anyone interested in the community alternative put forward by the users group can access information at . ' Tonya Graham, executive director, Headwaters, Medford

Dogs' disabilities no accident

In reference to the story Real survivors July 28, I mince no words. Those dogs are the product of a growing problem in this valley: irresponsible breeding.

It was no accident that those two dogs were born deaf and deaf/blind. Any Australian shepherd breeder knows exactly how this can happen, but some choose to risk it anyway.

These aforementioned dogs can count themselves among the fortunate: at least they were not left out in a box for ranchers to use as coyote bait or left in a dead puppy box, as is the practice of some of our local backyard breeders.

The growing problem of irresponsible breeding is evident in the calls I receive from pet owners who complain to me about aggression and health problems in their dogs. If people knew how to locate a responsible breeder, we wouldn't have to read about Survivors. I urge people to go to our local kennel club for advice on finding a good breeder.

Better yet, go to the Southern Oregon Humane Society, Dogs for the Deaf or the Jackson County Animal Shelter. You'll find a great dog in any one of these places and will not be supporting these so-called breeders. ' Barb Velasquez, Positive Approach Training, Medford

Act to change direction

Was it that great political analyst William Shakespeare who wrote about deception? Couldn't he have said, Oh, what a tangled web Bush wove when first he practiced with Karl Rove?

After all, the plots coming out of the White House might equal those of Shakespeare's. Rove's and other operatives' plots are not merely tawdry, they also lead to mendacity, destruction of governments, war, murder and deaths of innocents.

Surely Americans who know of Shakespeare's famous tales and think about the dangers, intrigue, greed and suffering reported in the news must recognize how similar the present is to those times.

We must act to change the direction of this country. ' Evelyn R. Ousterhout, Eagle Point