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Police-state harassment

The ODOT insert in the Aug. 8 Mail Tribune promoted the Click it or ticket campaign!

While it's smart to buckle up, and while seat belts save lives, this damnable seatbelt law must be repealed!

Why? Because it's political police-state harassment and highway robbery! Too, federal highway funding via Washington, D.C., bureaucrats corrupts local law enforcement and the states! Think I'm paranoid? Read Exposing the click it or ticket scam, at ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Flawed judgment

The Episcopalian hierarchy, exercising its authority to govern their denomination, had every right to elect by majority vote a homosexual man to high office. It is, after all, their denomination, their authority, their doctrine, their liturgy, their organization, their vestment and their responsibility for flawed judgment.

The problem for those outside their communion is to confuse this pronouncement with the doctrine taught by the church (congregation) built by, purchased by and authorized by Jesus Christ.

— For the multitude of Episcopalians appalled by their leaders' decision, perhaps they will begin to understand how far their denomination has removed itself from the Lord's church and his word. When church leaders teach for doctrine the commandments of men, mischief will follow.

Unfortunately, the Episcopal church is not alone in its secular doctrine. It stands shoulder to shoulder with all competing Christian religious organizations ruled by men. ' Kenneth Mak, Medford

Unprepared for mosquitoes

Mail Tribune, Aug. 6, Page 6D, West Nile virus kills a victim in Colorado:

The county and Greeley have spent more than &

36;700,000 on mosquito control. The mosquito carrying the West Nile Virus has not reached Medford and we are not prepared.

Case in point: This spring I killed six mosquitoes in my home. I called the county mosquito control (vector control) requesting they spray my area.

I live in the county, between an orchard and grazing land; we are in the Medford growth boundary. After about two weeks vector control came out to my home and informed me that for them to spray our area I would have to canvass my area and get all residents to sign that they were agreeable to have our area sprayed from the road for mosquito control.

Maybe we need a ballot measure to give Jackson County the authority to spray the county and cities within to prevent people from dying of the West Nile Virus when it arrives. It will arrive; maybe not next year, but it will arrive. Let's be prepared! ' Charles W. Gipe, Medford

More on Pacific lamprey

In a letter to the editor, Bill Kyle expressed a valid concern about Pacific lamprey predation on Pacific salmon based on declines of Great Lakes fishes due to predation by sea lamprey.

Canadian scientists share his concern and did population monitoring of two species of lamprey that breed in the Fraser River, British Columbia. Although adult lamprey populations in offshore Canadian waters were found to be higher than sea lamprey populations in the Great Lakes, declines of salmonids could not be attributed to lamprey predation.

Fishing remains the major mortality factor for salmon in oceans and more importantly, fishing can be regulated whereas lamprey populations cannot.

Closer to home, Pacific lamprey have been found to be a favored food item by marine mammals and ospreys. Marine mammal diet studies suggest that adult lampreys at the mouths of the Rogue and Klamath Rivers may buffer predation on salmonids.

Marine mammals find Pacific lamprey much easier to catch than adult salmon. '

Richard K. Nawa, staff ecologist, Siskiyou Regional Education Project

Bring us the Romans

In the current times of economic crisis, the education budget has taken a heavy blow. Due to insufficient funding, school days have been cut and teachers laid off, which is culminating in schools not being able to meet the standards required for accreditation.

Fortunately, the brave men and women in the Oregon Legislature have come up with an ingenious solution. No, not provide emergency funding to schools so that they can meet current accreditation standards, but their plan is to simply lower the accreditation standards themselves.

That way, no money needs to be given to the schools and the education crisis is solved. This spineless behavior by elected officials is pathetic.

When the Roman army in ancient times had a traitor in their midst, they would behead one out of every 10 men until the traitor came forward. If only we could implement the same tactic on our Oregon Legislature until the representatives give the schools the money they need. Bring us the Romans. ' Michael Stout, Ashland

Writer missed the point

The writer of Bush didn't lie, July 27, missed the point of my criticism of the Mail Tribune for poor or no coverage of vital national issues.

It's pathetic that any coverage of these subjects is usually buried in the back of the second section of the paper. The MT should have more respect for its readers.

However, Mr. Hartley's attack on the Ashland Daily Tidings, apparently for actually having covered Bush's lie, on the front page above the fold, is a smashing example of how the Bushco apologists desperately try to change the subject whenever an administration or presidential lie, distortion, exaggeration or any other deviation from the truth is exposed to daylight.

Whether it's citing false or nonexistent intelligence that Iraq is seeking nuclear materials, or when the stated existence of WMDs becomes a program to develop WMDs, or a statement citing a nonexistent report of blue-chip economists to justify a tax cut, or whether no child left behind is evidenced by attempts to gut the Head Start program, a lie is a lie is a lie no matter how nicely you try to dress it up or to condemn those who expose it as not independent thinkers and easy to confuse. ' Don Stone, Ashland

Save our planet first

I have a suggestion to help our national budget woes. Temporarily shut down the NASA space exploration program and funnel that money to the states for much-needed things such as education and social services. Let's save this planet and its inhabitants before moving on to the next world. ' G. Putnam, Medford