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Ignoring the people's wishes

Well I see that once again the elected representatives have seen fit to ignore the wishes of the people and postpone the unfair and possible illegal tax on a tax (state tax on a federal tax) or double tax on our income.

The voters spoke and passed to increase the limit from &

36;3,000 to &

36;5,000 which we could deduct, now the Senate wants to put that off. ' Larry Lotton, Trail

Could not believe it

I absolutely could not believe it when I read that Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia allowed the National Guardsman Aaron Andrew St. James, age 26, to walk free after attacking and beating a homeless man. How often has he done this before?

No one who beats anyone or even an animal should walk free of a jail sentence. They also should have to take some kind of psychiatric anger management care. Hitting a person with one's fists or an object is assault with a deadly weapon, and he certainly meant to not only hurt him, but did not care if he killed him. Three years probation and restitution? He will do this again to someone. And being a National Guardsman makes him even more responsible. And what happened to the homeless man? Does anyone care? I wonder how many girlfriends or women he will go on to beat up on. Or his kids someday? ' Penny Beck, Ashland

Who is lying to whom?

Suddenly there seems to have been a shift in the media's rhetoric. After the government admitted that WMD evidence against Iraq was unsubstantiated, the media has seemed to become highly critical of the government and our president.

— However, are they asking the right questions? Instead of asking why we went to war (obviously something we can't change now), why aren't they asking, What are you going to do now to rebuild the country? I hear many people asking Why don't we just pull out of Iraq and let them run their own country?

This question sickens me. If we should abandon Iraq's needs now, shouldn't we abandon any claim to its oil, which our country has already promised to several large companies? If it is not our place to help them change their government, now why was it our place when the war began?

Many people argue that Hussein was an evil dictator and that he killed many innocent people. Should we then forget the 500,000 Iraqi children we killed by sanctioning the country (which is by the way a World Health Organization figure)? ' Eliot Dodd, Medford

Better without Big E

Folks, ain't it just wondrous strange there haven't been any massive power outages, rolling blackouts or pleas from public officials to curb power use during last week's record heat wave in the Pacific Northwest?

Things certainly have been mighty quiet on the national grid since the Big E boys left the power house. No more power shortages from the Canadian border to Tijuana leaving folks wondering if they'll have light to eat dinner by or dare keep the air conditioner going at night without incurring their neighbors' wrath for being power-guzzlers.

Getting kind of dull not having to worry whether there'll be enough power come Christmas to turn on the tree lights. We miss you, Big E, for all the excitement you brought to our lives. But you know what, don't ever come back. We all live better electrically now without you. ' Susann White, Gold Hill

Best man for the job

In reply to the anti-Bush group: The loss of jobs and downturn of the economy started under Clinton.

I'm a Korean veteran and don't agree with this group. What's being a vet got to do with anything? We don't want another 9-11. Bush is the best man for the job at this time and place. ' Sherman A. Meeds, Jacksonville