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Interesting logic

Pete Wilson, Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign manager, has stated that one of the main reasons for removing Gov. Gray Davis from office is that he inherited a very large budget surplus and converted it to a staggering deficit. How interesting. Does his logic apply to George Bush as well? ' Louis Goldman, Ashland

Dean can win

Restore integrity to the White House.

— Leave no child behind.

We shouldn't engage in nation-building, it would be arrogant.

George Bush said all this during the 2000 campaign. Well sir, mission not accomplished. A colossal credibility gap exists for Bush and it grows daily. That is why Howard Dean can win in 2004. Dean addresses that gap with conviction and passion.

Dean presents a vision for America that shines a bright light on the pale successes and dismal failures of Bush's administration. Dean challenges us to actually look at facts and tangible evidence, rather than casting both aside if they fail to fit a pre-determined picture of how things should be.

Bush's failures reach across fiscal policy, tax cuts, jobless recovery, successful rebuilding of Iraq, and restoration of freedom in Afghanistan, education reform, global climate change, energy policy, and environmental protection. For each, one finds substantive decisions made in stark contrast to the available facts and informed extrapolation. For each, Dean offers positive alternatives based on reality and facts. Dean's grassroots support is so unprecedented that media and pundits are at a loss. With this broad, surging support, Dean can win the Democratic nomination. Dean can win the presidency. ' John Doty, Medford

Opinions eye-opening

It was eye-opening to see the reactions to the candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger from both George Will and Rich Lowry in the Aug. 12th edition. Both are conservative commentators. That is where the similarity between them ends.

George Will is studied, measured, ever-thoughtful. I may not always (or often) agree with him, but I ignore his opinion at my own peril. His reflection on Gov. Arnold as a train-wreck waiting to happen is sobering.

Rich Lowry's unexamined and unreserved enthusiasm for Schwarzenneger is typical of his opinions. Editor of the National Review, Lowry (like so many right-wing commentators today) is long on attitude and short on brains. As George Will says, Arnold may be intelligent enough to be governor, but he lacks the experience necessary to rescue a state in such deep trouble.

Both ignore the fact that Arnold's womanizing is legendary, even by Hollywood standards. He makes Bill Clinton look like a cloistered nun. The lesson for us: Oregon better get its house in order soon before it too is tempted to turn to the absurd for help. ' Scott Dalgarno, Ashland

Read on

A. Vermillion, who, in a letter published Aug. 11, cites Romans 1:26 and 27 as a condemnation of homosexuality, might have been well-advised to read just a bit further.

Romans 2:1: Therefore art thou inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself... ' Grant Shepard, Medford

They must age fast

Just wanted to report that an elderly senior missing from home was reported training on the Bear Creek Greenway for the 2004 Tour de France! Boy oh boy, they must age fast in Central Point or your reporters are very young! ' Joy Olson, executive director, Bear Creek Greenway Foundation

Since when is 60 elderly?

Elderly? Not only did they call him elderly at 60, but they did it twice! Since when is 60 elderly?

While I'm at it, how about the new section of Coker Butte Road? Why didn't they line it up with the existing Coker Butte Road? They don't mind tearing out other businesses and residences to build new roads.

And one more thing: We have a user fee for walking in our forests but I haven't heard one word about a user fee for those that use the library. ' Tanya DeHart, Medford