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Letters to the editor

Sad state of affairs

In response to Mr. Antonio Torres, the 25-year-old farmworker from Mexico who is wondering how long English will be the official firefighting language, I respect his right to come to the USA to earn money. I imagine he sends some home the same way my immigrant parents did when they arrived here in 1919.

But the last time I looked this was the USA and English is still the official language. When I travel to foreign countries no one hires anyone to speak for me in the local newspaper. I try to learn enough of their official language to get by.

I have to wonder who hires non-English-speaking people in a dangerous job such as firefighting, which my husband did for many years. I personally think it is a sad state of affairs for our English-speaking citizens to be put in harm's way by non-English-speaking people.

Go take an English class, Mr. Torres, and then welcome to the United States work force. ' Mary Reid, Central Point

Gouge while gouging good

The big jump in gas prices is easily explained. It's the last couple of weeks of summer vacation ' gouge us while they have the chance. ' Lee French, Medford

Save the country

According to a fund-raising letter recently received, an organization calling itself Traditional Values is making an all-out effort to re-elect Bush in 2004. Their aim is to have enough right-wing judges on the Supreme Court to favor their agenda of an all-Christian nation. They are currently locked in combat with the ACLU.

Apparently they are willing to overlook the whole Iraqi war episode with Bush's lies, the as-yet unnamed number of wounded in overcrowded military hospitals in Germany, and the huge financial morass into which this country is falling! They do not mind if money goes to Iraq while U.S. citizens suffer; while National Guard troops are sent to Iraq leaving America vulnerable to terrorists.

This year's Nobel Prize winner in economics says that the Bush government is the worst in 200 years! One might add that it has the worst environmental record as well.

I think it's time that ethics are reintroduced into this society and government. Ideology and complete irresponsibility are the trademarks of Bush. These are not traditional values!

Intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable and ethical people could save the country. Vote them in! ' Elma Beeson, Phoenix

Facts about hunting

In response to Mr. John Walsh's letter from Aug. 16: He is obviously not a hunter and doesn't know a thing about hunting.

Almost every bowhunter is happy knowing that they will have the option of carrying a handgun during bowhunting season. You never know when a wild animal will attack a hunter.

Every hunter deserves to be able to protect themselves; there is not one animal's life that is more important than a hunter's. And who cares if a few bowhunters are road hunting? They are doing more to boost the economy and help the outdoors than he ever will.

All the money the hunter is spending on food, gas, and clothing to get to and from the outdoors is supporting jobs and spurring the economy more than he will sitting at home. Also the money that hunters spend on tags and their license is not only supporting jobs but it is also helping better the outdoors. ' Justin Hoffman, Eagle Point

Stupid cartoons

Well, today's paper contained the usual: murder, robbery, etc. ' ho hum! Then came the opinion page ' things picked up ' the usually stupid (and always demeaning) political cartoons and letters to the editor. One cartoon regarding the recent blackout depicted a man reading a paper indicating the blackout was not terrorism; he was saying What a relief. It was just a dangerously antiquated, chronically under-funded power grid.

I was terribly surprised that the cartoonist didn't make the man look like President Bush. After all, we know the blackout was caused by the president ' right?

This antiquated, under-funded power grid only began after President Bush was elected ' right? No previous president can be assigned any blame ' right? It's those darned Republicans ' right?

Then, in one letter, a Jacksonville man says he no longer wants to live in a country which detains a suspected terrorist as a material witness in violation of the spirit of our Bill of Rights (he later confessed to wanting to violently overthrow our government). I'll gladly help him pack if an airline will donate a ticket to Iraq for this gentleman. ' Murray LaHue, Phoenix

It helps, a little

Why I stand with Women in Black:

First, in support and compassion for the troops in Iraq and other war-torn countries.

Second, in empathy and mourning for those killed, and their families, in Iraq, Africa, Israel, Palestine and other countries that don't have peace.

Third, to remind others that war has never been a solution for our world's problems, and the billions of dollars it costs could have made positive changes for all.

Fourth, for myself. Standing with other women on the plaza every Friday at noon makes me feel I am making a statement. It helps, a little. ' Maridale Moore, Ashland

Not a top priority

It was with great interest that I read the article on the front page of the Saturday, Aug. 16 Mail Tribune about how the Historical Society funds may be history.

In this article, Judi Drais, president of the SOHS Board of Trustees, is quoted as saying, as a taxpaying citizen, I'm incensed the county commissioners could let this happen.

Well, Judi, as a taxpaying citizen, I'm incensed that you're wasting funds on a lawsuit against the county. In this time of limited funds and cutbacks of many more worthwhile programs, you are not a very high priority in most people's eyes.

I think you and the Historical Society would look a lot better if you just dropped the lawsuit and moved on rather than looking like a bunch of greedy self-promotional jerks, protecting your own turf and saying to hell with everything else. If you don't stop this nonsense, I hope the commissioners do stop your funding. ' Don Rist, Talent

Doesn't get any better

How wonderfully refreshing was the picture and article on the front page of the Mail Tribune Friday, Aug. 15.

What a great picture of loving your neighbor. The joy in Dempsey's eyes said it all.

This family is rich toward God. It doesn't get any better than this! ' Joan White, Medford

Proud to be a donor

This is a message in response to the article you printed about transplants. I wonder how much damage it has caused people now.

There's so much worry for the transplants as it is ' just waiting for someone to give a special gift, so they can be with their loved ones.

I know how that was for my husband, so I went down and signed up to be his donor, and we found out that I was match. On Sept. 3, 1996, we went to OHSU and had the kidney transplant. I had no problems, and it's been seven years now. I'm healthy and seeing my husband enjoying life with me and our daughter.

This message is to everyone ' please sign up to be a donor. There are many people waiting for this special gift ' the gift you will always treasure as I did. Proud to be a donor. ' Mary Palmer, Central Point

People to the rescue

Wow, it was so exciting to read about how Kevin Dupe? and Amanda rescued and cared for Dempsey (Aug. 15). How many people, hearing the whining pups and wounded mother in a shed, would come to the rescue?

This was a true act of love. It took a kind heart to transport this precious cargo home. It included veterinary care, recuperating time and care for the mom, and losing her leg. They still adopted her and are looking for homes for the adorable puppies.

Who knows how the mama was injured, abandoned, hit by a car, and yet her puppies were her life. We people could take lessons.

I have a dog or I would take one, but I pray the puppies will get good homes. ' D. Jean Albertson, Medford

Only selfishness works

If anyone says that passing a law or funding a government agency will look after the health, education or welfare of children, the elderly or those who cannot speak for themselves, do not believe that meddling busybody for one minute.

Adam Smith said 200 years ago that it was not due to the benevolence of the butcher or the baker that we expect our dinner but from their regard for their own self-interest. He said we never speak to them of our necessities but of their advantages.

That is the mistake of both Democratic and Republican parties. They suffer from the fatal conceit that government can provide solutions to the problems of individuals because they do not have a selfish motive.

There is a crisis involving health care, education and pensions precisely because of altruistic government programs. Spending more tax money will create even bigger crises.

Only the Libertarian Party recognizes that individuals can find the best health care, education and retirement choices from 100 percent private enterprise. A selfish desire to make money will provide better and cheaper services than any altruistic government program. ' Robert K. Stock, Medford

Minds of mass destruction

It all goes back to the adage that guns don't kill people, people do. There are no weapons of mass destruction, only minds of mass destruction. ' Brian Kesterson, Medford

More Lowry hypocrisy

I loved Rich Lowry's advice to Arnold regarding those illegal immigrants. He ranted and raved about the costs in education, health, and welfare of those poor, greedy little immigrant families that turn into Democrats and yet devoted one phrase to the main reason we allow our porous borders to flow with illegals ... cheap labor for the economic engines of farms, manufacturing, housing, etc.

The feds (should) do more to patrol the border and sanction businesses hiring illegals. Tsk, tsk ... you are so right! What hypocrisy, Mr. Republican Lowry. ' Ralph Bowman, Grants Pass

World not deceived

It is common knowledge that Bush lied repeatedly about Iraq being an imminent threat to the United States, his pretext for sending our troops to war.

Congress may claim it was deceived, but the rest of the world was not. The administration managed to squander all the goodwill and cooperation that arose in the wake of 9/11, even engaging in childish name-calling against countries that did not capitulate to our bribes or threats.

It's too bad some people misconstrue opposition to Bush's deceit and abuse of power as disloyalty to the country or our troops. The problem is that since our justification for invading was bogus, all the innocent civilians we kill are not collateral damage but homicides.

And kill them we have, more than bin Laden scored at the World Trade Center. Are you feeling more secure yet?

In the immortal words of Pogo, We have met the enemy and he is us. ' Michael Steely, Medford