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Everybody wantsta

After seeing the list of California candidates I was reminded that, long ago, Jimmy Durante had it right when he said, Everybody wantsta get inta da act. ' Ray Poletti, Grants Pass

Cows spoil the experience

It doesn't matter if you're an environmentalist supporting the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument or not. No one likes to journey to public land to get away from it all and find that hundreds of cows beat you to the best spots. I have spent the entire day walking to a favorite trout lake in the Marble Mountains Wilderness only to find what resembles a stinking feed-lot. Every available spot to sleep on was splattered with cow pies and urine.

I used to drive a lot of the back roads in what is now the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Now I have to walk them, but the last time I walked to a favorite grove of big trees in the Scotch Creek area I swore I wouldn't make that hike again. Every spring and seep from Pilot Rock to the beginning of Scotch Creek had been trampled by cows.

This is a major problem facing our public lands. Times are changing and if the ranchers that run cattle in the monument and other public lands can't be responsible enough to keep the cows out of sensitive areas, then they need to keep their cows down in the valleys on their own land. ' Todd A. Kemp, Ashland

Good news for all

To those who despise big stores, SUVs, ski area expansions, insensitive speech, guns, chain restaurants, tax cuts and logging, but treasure central planning, controlled growth, curtailment of recreational activities, mandated living wages and banishment of extreme opinions, there is hope for you.

— To those who detest gays, protesters, pot smokers and unpatriotic speech, but love a strong police presence, blind national loyalty and vast military spending, there is good news for you, too!

There is a place where everyone is running everybody else's affairs, where little minds run a big government and civil liberties yield to the state.

Please visit North Korea, where there are no malls, no ski areas, no tax cuts, no guns, no disproportionate wages and extremist opinion is squelched. Imagine a place where homosexuals are imprisoned, drug users executed, patriotism is mandatory, police are in places you would least expect them and the military has the highest priority.

Move there so the rest of us can carry on that old American tradition of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, where free minds and free markets prevail over socialists and tyrants every time. Go now before our government decides they need a regime change too. ' Dave Wise, Medford

Front page choices

Who chooses what appears on the front page?

I have seen a dog that looks like its owner. A person getting their lip pierced, and five children of a Mail Tribune employee.

A Miss Teen USA from little Phoenix is crowned and no full front page picture. What gives?

For the record, I do not know her or her family. ' Bonnie Johnson, Medford