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We are regressing

America is regressing, losing our freedoms, religious practices, all because of left-wing bigots that are supposed to stand for American civil liberties, the ACLU.

Taking our traditions, our land, forced taxes ' these were causes for the Revolutionary War.

And we are seeing the same things today. The educational regression, I firmly believe that is because of left-wing bigots who are supposed to stand for American civil genealogy is the only way our history will survive. They don't teach history anymore, they degrade our ancestors ' stating the Confederate flag as racist, instead of fighting for States' Rights.

There's much to learn of these early times, raw courage and true patriotism. We can take pride in knowing that each of our ancestors played a part in shaping America, as we know it today. For, without the foot soldiers, adventurers and individuals standing up for what they believed in, this country wouldn't have survived these many years. Their many hardships and sacrifices, fortitude and many religions, have brought us together as We the People, One Nation. Under God.

Please, seriously think about voting out the Democrats and Republicans. Let's take our country back, save our Social Security, stop environmental scams and Conservancy land grabs and endangered species rip-offs. ' Sandra Owsley, Prospect

More statistics

A few days ago, an obviously elderly driver was listing some statistics to get everyone to ignore the problems concerning elderly drivers.

A few facts were left out. About half of the fatal crashes involving drivers 80 years and older occur at intersections and involve multiple vehicles, compared with 23 percent among drivers up to age 50. Per licensed driver, fatal crash rates rise sharply at age 70 and older. Those 80 years and older have the highest pedestrian death rates per 100,000 people ' three times higher than their younger counterparts. People 65 years and older represented about 13 percent of the population and about 17 percent of all motor vehicle deaths in 1999.

By 2030, the elderly are expected to represent 20 percent of the population. Teens have curfews to limit the times they drive to help reduce accidents, maybe the same should be done with the elderly. ' E. Honda, Talent

Lost in Wal-Mart

Recently, my mom, my brother and I visited the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Grants Pass. We walked in and my mom went right for the groceries, my brother mumbled electronics and bolted off, and I said I'd be in the clothes.

The stock wasn't much different from the Medford Wal-Mart, so I started wandering aimlessly. I found myself in the lingerie department, and there was my mom with her cart of groceries. I scratched my head and decided to find my brother.

Not knowing where the electronics department was, I picked a random direction and started walking. As I strolled down aisles, I noticed that the departments were changing very abruptly, without any warning. Somehow I made it to electronics, where my brother was drooling over video games.

I walked down the aisle to look at some CDs, and my brother came running from the opposite direction he had been in and asked, Have you seen Mom? I shook my head and he took off. I walked to the front of the store and my mom and brother appeared and said they had been looking all over for me.

And they want to build one of these in Central Point? ' Sarah Berkebile, Central Point

More dog stories, please

With all the uncertainty in the world, there is one thing you can count on: Your dog loves you! Please keep the dog stories coming. ' Catherine Sullivan, Medford