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Find the right spot

Just for the record, I think some people think that we are against Wal-Mart. Not so. I like to shop at Wal-Mart. A (as in one) colossal store would be fine as long as they plan to put it in an appropriate spot. Miles Field and the corner of Hamrick and Pine are not the right places.

Grants Pass added on to its store, I think Medford could do the same. That is the ideal spot. We don't need three Super Wal-Marts in the span of 28 miles. ' B. Bailey, Central Point

Try the radio

Too bad those drivers who have phones constantly growing out their heads cannot enjoy the radio or just plain, old peace and quiet! ' Lu Vobora, Medford

In the hands of amateurs

George Bush has accomplished the exact opposite of what he told the American people he was going to do in Iraq. Bush has created a dream venue for al-Qaida operations. Al-Qaida uses Iraq as a stage upon which to attack American interests, get daily publicity, enlist more supporters, embarrass the American military, widen the breach between us and our allies, embolden other terrorists, obtain weapons, and unite with other terrorist organizations to act against the United States.

What should we do now? Don't expect George Bush to lead us out of this mess. We need a new leader. The world cannot afford to continue to play into the hands of terrorists as the current U.S. administration has done. Our national government appears to be in the hands of amateurs who don't plan, don't consider consequences and have a misguided idea that military action is the primary tool for international affairs. It's dangerous. It's our government, and it's our responsibility to change it. ' Joe Suste, Medford

Deja vu all over again

The article by Tony Boom (Aug. 18, Don Walker Phoenix City Administrator resigns), is as Yogi Berra said, deja vu all over again. As a long-time political observer, it appears this isn't the first problem that the council has had with the reigning chief of police, an at-will employee. The question arises, who's running the town? The council or the keystone cop? This unfortunate turf battle raises the question addressed time and again. Wouldn't it be better for small communities to contract with the sheriff's department (law enforcement district) on a per-unit basis? This arrangement would be:

1. More professional.

2. Apolitical.

3. Around the clock with direct backup.

4. Central record keeping.

Having these individual fiefdoms appears to be expensive and seemingly ego-driven and counter-productive. ' Alfred Willstatter, Ashland