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Sold a bill of goods

Incredible! The Oregon Senate is, as they say at the craps table (no pun intended), betting on the come. Building a stadium on the taxes of those who will play there has to be the dumbest idea ever.

Do our legislators really think Oregonians are stupid? Get the proposed increase on our income taxes on the ballot and they'll find out. Sen. Atkinson, you left me on this one. Who sold you the bill of goods?

We can only hope the folks in northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., are dumber than our legislators. ' Art Jackson, Rogue River

Don't log old growth

Is this a fire risk reduction or an increased fire risk? Please don't let last year's fire season happen to us again. The highest priority should be to provide protection where it is needed ' in the community protection zones.

The Bureau of Land Management is proposing the Anderson West Timber Sale in Selma to log 2.037 million board feet of our last pristine old-growth forest under the guise of fire risk reduction. They are planning to remove over a million board feet of fire resistant old-growth trees from 200 acres by helicopter while leaving over a thousand acres of fire-prone brush and grass untreated. They also don't have the money to even complete the project.

— We have a beautiful, 300 acres roadless, old-growth forest just a mile from Selma. It has the historic Lone Pine Prospect Trail wandering through a pristine forest to the mine with a grand overview of the Biscuit Fire. It offers big trees, recreational opportunities, and habitat for species displaced by the Biscuit Fire.

Please tell the BLM to separate fire risk reduction from commercial logging. Thinning small trees and clearing brush around communities and homes will produce more meaningful results than logging old growth. ' Colette Terrazas, Selma