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Letters to the editor

Hoping driver is haunted

I fervently hope that the driver who killed the deer on Hillcrest near Highcrest on Sept. 2 left the scene with a dented auto and a guilty conscience. I also wish that he or she will be as haunted by the sight of this beautiful creature lying by the roadside with its eyes open as I am. ' Ruth A. Carson, Medford

Supporting Wal-Mart

I want to say that I support the Super Wal-Mart being built in Central Point for the following reasons:

1. It will create more jobs.

2. It will appeal more to travelers on I-5.

3. Medford Wal-Mart is too crowded.

— 4. Wal-Mart makes shopping more convenient. ' James Hart, Central Point

Living in fear

Those people who, in the name of environmentalism, have created fear in our community about the possibilities of some impending doom, or erosion, or water quality demise are lost in their own sense of the battleground. They have fought growth for so long that they don't know productive, ecologically sound growth when they see it. Creating fear among our citizens using misleading and erroneous information about the expansion of Mount Ashland is wrong, and doing so in the name of environmentalism is even worse.

Real environmentalists should concentrate on real dangers to the environment, from which there are plenty to choose. Mount Ashland is an asset to our community, one that deserves our support. We're not being asked to expend tax dollars, approve new permits or enlarge any boundaries. The expansion is sound, it is ecologically sensitive and it is consistent with the economic needs of small community ski areas.

Mount Ashland is a great asset to our community. We are very lucky to have it, and if they are in need of our support, I ask you to lend your voice in this debate to show our community that we appreciate and trust their expert judgment. Please do not let the misleading efforts of the fear raisers be your voice. Especially in the name of environmentalism. ' Michael Goldman, Ashland

Displaced by foreign workers

Who can deny that in matters of employment millions of citizens have been displaced by a foreign work force? Once a productive nation, we are now consumers skulking around discount stores and pawnshops looking for elusive good deals.

Is there anyone out there still willing to write to their congressman about the outrage of trading away American jobs and liberty? If so, Congress needs to hear from you. First we support H.R. 2688 and H.R. 2702. They are designed to curb H-IB and L-l visa programs respectively. Both of these visa programs have already brought over millions of foreign workers, mostly at the expense of American workers. The General Agreement on Trade in Services, (GATS) brings even more foreign workers to the United States, increases outsourcing and interferes with an individual state's rights to regulate professional standards within its borders.

And last, the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) imperil what dignity and sovereignty this country has managed to retain. It's not free and it sure doesn't assure trade but it is an agreement to jeopardize even more American jobs. The bottom line of this is about your job, which has become further imperiled. For more information see ' Henry Stevens, Medford

Call them what they are

Recently I cried as I watched the bombing in Israel. Within hours both Islamic Jihad and Hamas proudly claimed responsibility.

The most terrifying aspect is what I knew will be the reaction of the majority of the Palestinian people and a section of the Islamic world.

Families will celebrate this murder as part of their Jihad. Clerics will praise the murderers on their Friday sermons. Children's shows on TV will hold tribute to the shahid (suicide bomber).

Anyone who doubts my claims need only watch Palestinian TV. Our media shelters us from this, fearing it would incite hatred. Trying to be balanced, the press now calls Islamic Jihad and Hamas members militants instead of terrorists.

This change in language is despicable and legitimizes these organizations' sole purpose, which is the self-proclaimed annihilation of the Jews.

Recently there was pressure on Israel to negotiate with these terrorist groups. Then these groups showed their true colors again and Abbas changed his tune about negotiating with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Will the American media also change and identify these groups as terrorists, or will they continue to legitimize them by their choice of words? ' Emily Folmar, Ashland