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Church says thanks

First Presbyterian Church, Medford, would like to thank the staff, Don Burt, Eric Iversen, board members and individual contractors of Medford Urban Renewal for the new sidewalks, light posts and the movement of utilities underground.

First Presbyterian is dedicated to the renewal and revitalization of the downtown, as demonstrated by our purchase and remodel of our Urban I and Urban II buildings, the work of our Sarah Corson Childcare & Learning Center, our preschool and our food bank. We consider this effort to be an expression of our faith in action.

We commend Medford Urban Renewal for their effort toward enhancing the qualify of life for all who work, live, worship and visit Medford's downtown.

Thanks, MURA! ' The Rev. Dr. Joyce DeGraaff, senior pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Medford

Support Wal-Mart

I support the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter for Central Point. It seems that every time a major company looks to expand its operation in the Rogue Valley they are scared away by the high taxes the county and cities impose upon them.

— The company I work for investigated building a huge tech facility here but opted for another state as that state gave them the land they needed without taxing them. Thus hundreds of high-paying technical jobs were filled. The benefit to the local economy from the salaries these people earn more than made up for what the county and city gave away by not taxing the company to death.

But, such is not the philosophy in this state. But Wal-Mart is still willing to build here because the only business Southern Oregon will tolerate is retail.

The local merchants will cry foul that the Supercenter will take business away from them. If they are so worried about competition maybe they need a lesson in customer service.

Ray's Food Place was the only market in town for years and Albertsons hasn't put them out of business. Competition is good for the community. Support the Wal-Mart Supercenter! ' Daniel Farey, Central Point

Wal-Mart will come

A battle of rhetoric and a frenzy of media attention!

Wal-Mart will come, and we who support this store agree with Willie Fischer (letters, Sept. 3). We are a block of families less than one mile away who do not anticipate traffic congestion.

Let's help stimulate this poor economy with a store that gives jobs and fair prices and offers us a place to shop. It would make a significant impression on Central Point for locals and tourists.

As I recall, the same group protested the mall and the Expo. Both manage quite well ' traffic too. ' S. Anstine, Central Point

Get rid of senators

We are all aware of the recent hurtful spike in the price of gasoline, and many of us are aware that we have our supposed friends the Saudi Arabians to thank for it. They need the money to continue supporting Muslim terrorists. How many know, however, that we have plenty of our own petroleum reserves that have been kept from production by the radical environmentalists?

The House Of Representatives recently passed a bill to open drilling in the frozen Arctic reserve, but it was narrowly defeated by the Senate. Our own two brilliant senators joined with those that would rather send our gas dollars overseas to provide bombs to use on our own troops. I think we need to get rid of both of our senators as soon as possible. ' Phillip Southern, Eagle Point

No outrage

Bush and Co. lied again. On Aug. 22 they quietly announced that Chemical Ali, the fifth most dangerous man in the coalition's deck of cards, had been captured. A few months earlier, amidst great fanfare, they assured us he had been killed by U.S. bombs.

So, if Chemical Ali is alive and well, who the hell was killed? Another civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The cavalier attitude toward the deaths of Iraqi civilians now extends to our troops. Each day another American is killed in Iraq (or Afghanistan); just a statistic, no name, no details and worse yet, no outrage at the steady stream of body bags that followed Bush's juvenile and reckless challenge to bring it on.

After the president's comic opera appearance on the aircraft carrier, where he announced, mission accomplished, he has focused only on getting re-elected. The wounded and dead keep coming even as the president flits from one fund-raising luncheon to another (what, me worry?)

When viewed through the lens of intellectual honesty, we support President Bush and we support our troops become mutually exclusive propositions.' Bill Sherwood, Medford