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Letters to the editor

Driver should lose license

While I sympathize with Aaron Read and his family on his accident, Anita Burke failed to point out he was driving a passenger with the approval of his parents, apparently disregarding the law on restricted licenses for new teen drivers.

He should lose his license for the admission and even though the friend was no longer in the car. My teen drivers would have had their driving privileges taken away, had they broken the law.'Fred DeArmond, Ashland

Sheepherding by Wal-Mart

When you read pro-Wal-Mart letters signed by Central Point residents, remember this: Wal-Mart sent 10,000 fliers to Central Point residents encouraging them to write these letters.

The fliers were written by paid professional marketers, with postage and printing furnished by Wal-Mart. Too bad I don't have the resources to send 10,000 slick fliers to local residents encouraging them to write letters opposing Wal-Mart.

Perhaps Wal-Mart should go into the sheep herding business?' Kirt Vanderzee, Ashland

Mannix smoke and mirrors

How convenient! Kevin Mannix won't tell us about his government reform package until after he's gathered enough signatures for his ballot initiative! Smoke and mirrors!

Wise up, Oregon! Don't sign a petition if you're not sure you would vote for the measure!'Eric Dziura, Medford

A sad story

Your recent story, No clowning around for this dog (Sept. 8) was both sad and bizarre.

Let's review the facts of the story. After years of faithful service and companionship, a lady who makes her living as a clown decides to give up her pet so she can follow her dreams and take a year-long ocean voyage. The dog is described as very sweet, and has been working alongside her in the clown gig for 12 years, helping to pay this lady's bills and, after the lady was severely injured in a car accident, the dog helped her recuperate.

She really saved me, the lady was quoted as saying.

The article was written in a heart-warming tone as the reporter spun a yarn about the remarkable bond between a human and a pet, and then included a plea to the community for someone to adopt the dog, so Bubbles the Clown could take a long vacation.

I hope someone with a good heart adopts this dog ASAP, because a self-centered person like the lady in this story, abandoning her dog after years of faithful companionship to follow her dreams, simply does not deserve to have a such a great four-legged friend. ' Robert Casserly, Ashland

Thanks to police force

Early Saturday morning, Aug. 23, our house was broken into. It was a very traumatic experience. I would like to compliment the Phoenix Police Department for their prompt response. But most of all I would like to compliment them on their thorough job and their compassion. I can't say enough about how well I was treated. They kept saying how sorry they were that this had happened to me.

I feel very fortunate to live in a community with such wonderful men on our police force. I would like to mention their names, Hyrst, Raines and Lt. McKean. Thank you again. ' S. Baker, Phoenix

Not someone else's problem

It may be easy for some people to dismiss the importance of funding for mental health programs because they don't see it as a problem that can affect them. They may not realize that nearly a third of all people on the death rows of America are either mentally ill or mentally retarded. That means that sometimes the people who do not receive the proper care at the right time do more than commit crimes against property.

The case of Larry Robison in Texas is a tragic example. Larry was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic when he was 21. Mental health professionals told his family that he would get worse without treatment, but hospitals routinely discharged him after 30 days because they needed the bed and he was not violent. His family was told that if he ever became violent, he would receive the long-term care that everyone agreed he needed. His first and only act of violence was to kill five people, and for that he was executed.

Oregon is on the right track as it tries to deal with this issue. Support the state's efforts when you get the chance, and don't see it as someone else's problem. ' Robyn Hernandez, Ashland

Maybe we should move

Maybe we should consider moving to Baghdad in order to receive assistance from our homeland. Our indebted country cannot afford financial aid to our schools, poor or medical and prescription coverage for seniors, but wants to send billions to Iraq.

What's wrong with this picture? ' Barbara Gosson, Medford