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Letters to the editor

Wyden doesn't protect forests

In Washington, D.C., Sen. Ron Wyden is selling out old-growth forests. He worked with Republicans toward a bill that resembles their own Unhealthy Forest Initiative bill.

Wyden did not find a compromise but a bill nearly identical to the Bush administration bill. Wyden's bill does not protect homes and communities. It serves corporations.

Wyden takes financial contributions from corporate timber. He doesn't protect forests.

The toll free number to Capitol Hill is 1-800-839-5276. ' Derek Volkart, Ashland

What's most important

A movie currently in theaters, The Magdelene Sisters, reveals another chapter of corruption in the Catholic organizational hierarchy. Perhaps this signals the end of a global empire of property and administrators. Believers in the Catholic religion are left with what's most important, their faith and their relationships with God.

— Early Christians met in homes to share the good news. The reality: a church is not a building or political system, it is the people and their beliefs.

Jesus rent the veil covering the Holy of Holies, affirming the truth that you don't need an agent to get time with God. Jesus also said he will be wherever people gather in his name.

It would be foolishness to lose faith in God because of the behavior of people. For every priest abusing his position to molest altar boys, a hundred parishioners use church organizations to end the form of child abuse known as death by starvation, and for every bishop hoping to hide the truth are a hundred church members insisting all truth be told.

Caesar is demanding that he be rendered unto. If the buildings are sacked, and all the gold and silver vessels carried away, there remains the joy of rendering unto God. ' Robert Canape, Ashland

Extremists at it again

The anti-tax-at-any-price extremists are at it again, calling on Oregonians to resist taxing the well-off, claiming it will cause businesses to not want to come to Oregon. What flawed thinking.

The group that will take the biggest hit if their efforts succeed is the already reeling Oregon educational system. One of the reasons the Bay area's Silicon Valley was such a magnet was that highly educated employers wanted to be in an area that their highly educated employees want to live. They want to live where they know their children will get an excellent education, even if it costs more.

When asked to sign the anti-tax petition, I hope Oregon voters will walk away, recognizing that to attract quality jobs, we need to recognize the children of Oregon as public goods, whose quality education encourages high-tech businesses to relocate, resulting in higher personal incomes, thus higher tax receipts to support additional services, including services for seniors.

To further diminish the educational system merely means more semi-skilled workers seeking fewer available semi-skilled opportunities. ' Ron Andersen, Medford

Frustrated parent

I am a somewhat frustrated parent of a teenager who recently was cited for being in a parking lot. He and his cousin were waiting for another of their friends to return from Taco Bell. The bicycle police showed up and after they told the police what they were doing, they were then cited for criminal trespassing.

If they are ever caught in a parking lot after a business is closed in the future, they will go to juvenile hall for 30 days! Now this is where I am frustrated: Instead of giving the kids a citation, why couldn't they have just warned them and let them be on their way?

Can't the police tell when someone is up to no good or are they just overzealous about handing out citations? I feel much safer now knowing that our parking lots are safe from loiterers, while our city parks are vandalized on a daily basis!

When my son is in the wrong, I definitely want him to face the consequences, but when something warrants a warning, then give the kid a break. After all, we were all kids once and weren't looking for no trespassing signs in parking lots! ' Kim Perry, Medford