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Don't close the domiciliary

I am writing concerning the proposed closure of the veterans domiciliary at White City. If anyone really believes that an earthquake may take this very necessary building out, they should start construction on a new one immediately! There already is the property and there should be the funds for the sake of our new veterans and the economy of this lovely state.

This should be over and above any war! The help for our country ' our service personnel should come first, not last. Do not take away our veterans' facilities. ' A. Roney Bowne, Medford

Grammar, please

I understand that newspapers usually disdain mention of anything even remotely negative about business in their circulation area, but I've had it with an ungrammatical TV commercial that has run for weeks and weeks.

It ends with service, like diamonds, are forever.

Pardon my elementary-school knowledge of English grammar, but the subject of that clause is service. Service is. Like diamonds is an intervening prepositional phrase that has no bearing on the subject-verb agreement requirement. ' Vern Wolthoff, Medford

Damage is profound

I sympathize whole-heartedly with the ranchers whose lifestyle is threatened. But have you ever hiked or fished in an area grazed by cows?

The damage to the natural resources is profound, to say nothing of what you pick up on your boots.

Secondly, the quote displayed with the story: It's an absolute crime this lifestyle is under attack, one that the whole West was all about. I think we would be very shortsighted and foolish to throw away that heritage.

That is, more or less, what the Church said to Copernicus and Galileo when they demonstrated that the earth was not the center of the universe. ' Victor Abel, Medford

Cheap insurance

The tragic story of the elk hunter killed while packing out the head of his bull elk would not have been on the front page of the Sunday paper if all hunters who hunt in camouflage would do what I and my hunting companions do.

We carry hunter orange flagging tape and before we move any animal carcass or part we festoon our selves and our back pack or pack animal with flagging tape so that we stand out like a bright red stop light. At &

36;1.79 a roll it is an awfully cheap insurance policy. ' Andy Vandergaw, Williams

Wal-Mart no bargain

Surely we empathize with last week's fixed-income senior hoping for bargain shopping at Wal-Mart. But is a new Wally World really a bargain?

Is it a bargain to limit healthy competition, say between Winco and Fred Meyer and Safeway and Albertson's and Food 4 Less? Heck no. So where will that competition go when Wal-Mart, which makes no bones about using predatory pricing to destroy competing markets, disposes of these perennial valley favorites?

Jobs? No, not all employees earn minimum wage. Just most of them. Wal-Mart does not use local products, local shipping, accounting, advertising or financial services.

As for its red, white and blue hints at selling American, the fact is, Wal-Mart purchases from factories frequently decried as sweatshops in China and elsewhere outside the United States.

Community after community has found that inviting this giant home has resulted in a net loss of jobs, of local businesses, of tax revenues, resulting in diminished local economic health and quality of life. But what about those bargain prices? Depends on how long it takes to starve the competition. And it rarely takes long.' Mary Stromquist, Medford

Praise for sheriff

I want to add my congratulations to Sheriff Winters and Sheriff's Capt. Joe Puckett for a job well done with their saturation patrols and just patrol in general. I live in the rural Griffin Creek area and I have seen more sheriff's deputies and forest deputies patroling this area since Sheriff Winters took office than in all of the previous 12 years I have lived here combined!

Weekend drunken parties in the local woods seem to have ceased, along with drunken car crashes and resulting senseless teenage deaths. For the first time I feel like I am actually receiving services from the sheriff's department for the taxes I pay. Keep up the good work.' Janice Alderman, Medford

EPEA says thanks

On behalf of the Eagle Point Education Association I would like to take a moment to thank the following for having the courage to support the recently bargained contract between the district and the EPEA and for having the faith in the staff who transport our children, cook, clean, assist and teach the students of the district.

Your support and encouragement through your votes help make our adjustment to overcrowding, working in substandard classrooms, (i.e. janitorial closets) yet anxiously awaiting the completion of the new schools and the chaos of not having phone and computers in all our rooms all the more bearable. Thank you Yvonne Fletes, Doug McKinnley, Teresa Hulla, Scott Grissom and Dr. Bill Feusahrens. ' Jody Streetman, Eagle Point