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The real tragedy

Regarding John Bush, accused of his second drunk driving homicide in less than 10 years: The real tragedy is that a drunk driver who has killed two people in separate drunk driving crashes is presently facing less than six years in prison, if convicted of Manslaughter II.

Under Oregon law, he can't be charged with murder, but he can be charged with Manslaughter I, with a sentence of 10 years. His victims got the death penalty. ' Mary Duhaime, Medford

Not buying it

Memo to Wal-Mart: Don't know how y'all do it in Arkansas, but out here in Oregon our civic meetings are public; nobody is refused entry.

Whining about not being invited is a blatant attempt at corporate manipulation and I'm not buying it; just like I won't buy from you. ' Joi Riley, Talent

Support vets and the dom

Veterans have an oath to protect the Constitution and you when we are threatened. We need this protection even though many veterans are called on to give the ultimate sacrifice.

— Now the veterans need you to defend them in their later years from being discarded by closing the dom. The hearings were going to be held in Vancouver, Wash., on whether to close the White City dom. They finally gave in, and will hold a hearing at — p.m. Friday, Oct. 3, at the Medford Armory. Let's overflow the Armory and show them their estimate of a small turnout is wrong.

They fought battles for us, now it's our turn to fight for those who survived. They have a right to shelter and peace in their later years. It is not charity ' they earned it through sacrifice. Are we too busy to give up a few minutes of our time and voice our support for them as well as the dom?

The size of government is growing while World War II veterans are dying off. Give the remaining veterans a fighting chance. Remember, — p.m. Friday, Oct. 3, at the Medford Armory. Show your support by showing up! ' John D. Lewis, Eagle Point

Look at the facts

I get so tired of this paper only printing the one-sided rhetoric of the left. I'll try again to have the other side printed.

I wonder where Trinidad Rosas was during the election of 2000. But it wasn't the judges of the Supreme Court who elected Bush. They just stopped the Florida court from allowing the legal votes from being counted. And, even when the illegal votes were counted later, Gore still didn't have enough to win.

Please, folks, wake up and join the real world. Look at the facts. ' Diane P. Meeds, Jacksonville

Experience and common sense

About the cattle grazing on the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument: The protester to grazing needs to recognize that cattle and American food producers have been part of the environment for at least 100 years and the plant and animal life is as it is because of the cattle, not in spite of them.

An accurate scientific study would require several test plots, grassy, wooded, north slope, south slope, fenced to keep cows out but let game in, for a period of 100 years. When Willow Prairie was fenced, the elk stopped using it. The reason for the 100-year study is to experience the wet and dry, cold and warm weather cycles.

If the study uses the same scientists they did to establish lynx habitat along the Cascade Summit, they will probably fertilize the grass, spray the brush, etc., to prove their desired results.

Cows are part of the environment; American food producers are America's most endangered species.

When the hunters use the area in the fall, the forage is not growing; neither is your garden.

Years of experience, common sense and observation contribute far more to accurate science than book-learning and no experience. ' Donald Grissom, Eagle Point

Dad should be fined

With all the attention drawn to child abuse in Oregon, it appears to me that the recent case in Josephine County where a young hunter took his 5-year-old daughter to the woods hunting with him certainly qualifies.

First, he left her alone while he went some distance away after telling her to stay where she was ' second, he was away long enough for her to move and get lost, causing search and rescue people to be called out to rescue her, which finally happened.

I don't believe a child that young should be taken on a hunting trip under any conditions and I think the hunter should be fined the cost of rescuing the child and warned never to do this again. ' Earl MacPherson, Medford