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See 'Three Hotels'

Three Hotels, presented by Actors' Theater, is truly a theater experience not to be missed. A company man responsible for marketing tainted products to Third World countries and by extension, his wife, confront the loss of their souls and their marriage. Powerful monologue performances by Livia Genise and Scott Hall tell each side of their story.

Actors' Theater has suffered upheaval and controversy these past months. However, the strength of this performance shows that this company is worthy of support. Three Hotels runs through Oct. 26 and I encourage everyone to see this show. ' Don Stone, Ashland

Two sentences

With two additional sentences in his U.N. address, President Bush could have healed the gash among past and potential allies, cleared the way for an international coalition broad and powerful enough to cripple terrorism, and silenced millions like me who believe the invasion has more to do with plunder than liberation.

The words would have generally sounded like this: Today I call on the United Nations to establish a trustee commission to receive and account for all revenues from Iraqi oil sales, to monitor all expenditures of those revenues, and to award contracts for all reconstruction work funded by those revenues. The Commission will transfer this responsibility to a democratically elected Iraqi government as soon as it is in place.

Until and unless the president takes that step, it's difficult to understand exactly why well-informed leaders and citizens around the world should believe his story about Operation Iraqi Freedom. ' Jeff Golden, Ashland

Two things I don't understand

Several years ago I drove across the United States and the highest priced gas I purchased was in Lakeview, Ore. I just came through Lakeview on Tuesday, Sept. 23 and gas was more than 20 cents cheaper than the gas here in the Rogue Valley. It was even cheaper in Klamath Falls, and I wish someone could explain to me how this is possible.

The other thing I don't understand is what the anti-tree cutting folks do in the place of toilet tissue. Actually you can skip that explanation as I probably don't want to hear it. How do they get their news, as I guess they wouldn't read newspapers, books, or magazines and would not use other things made of wood? I take it they all live in brick houses and have plastic furniture.

If someone would write you a letter explaining the answers to these two questions it sure would take a burden off my mind. ' William C. Carlson, Central Point

Earned the right

On Aug. 2 of last year, you published my letter objecting to Bush's threatening to invade Iraq. I said we were already tied down in Afghanistan and we should clean up that cesspool before we get bogged down in another Mideast war. Since then, we have lost more than 300 soldiers and squandered an estimated &

36;150 billion. Now Bush wants another &

36;87 billion and his vice president said on national TV that they might have to ask for more. What happened to Bush's promise that Iraq would be rebuilt from their own oil resources?

Don't they have any concept of what a billion dollars represents? A mathematician worked it out this way: a billion seconds ago, it was 1959. A billion minutes ago, Christ was alive. A billion hours ago, we were cavemen.

Now, let's turn that concept into dollars. That &

36;87 billion will cost every man, woman and child in America &

36;311. With our unemployment over 6 percent and our food banks having to provide food for 50 percent more people, when is our compassionate president going to start worrying about our people? And don't tell me I'm unpatriotic for questioning him. I earned that right in Korea. ' Jeff Cheek, Medford

V.A. care available

A veteran who wrote to the editor that if the dom is closed, the nearest medical care is Vancouver, Wash., is wrong! Redding has an outpatient clinic at 351 Hartnell Ave., Redding, CA 96002. The phone number is 530-226-7555.

Also, some facilities are at Roseburg, and a six-story V.A. Hospital is in Portland, next door to that fantastic learning hospital. Oh, yeah, they are connected on the fourth floor by a million-dollar bridge. Also, a few years back, a V.A. hospital at Palo Alto spent many, many millions updating because they wanted to be able to use Stanford Hospital staff for special care and advisement. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. ' Richard Mac McGee, World War II vet, Medford

Should have gone to college

I find it amazing we have college- educated ODOT engineers that designed a beautiful new four-lane highway and overpass to Jacksonville and West Medford, and they dumped it all into Ross Lane. Is that what four years of college and &

36;100,000 can come up with? I should have gone to college. ' Gene Wood, Jacksonville