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Don't let animal abusers off

I don't understand. When I read the article regarding the 41 dogs, I was appalled and disgusted that people get away with this crime. When I read about the Husky, the print got blurry (we are with our fourth Husky in 22 years). Reading further, I found that two of the dogs are not adoptable.

The owners want them back. What myopic individual condoned that decision? ' Len Peterson, Phoenix

A catty California dream A friend said he thought he might run in the California governor's race. Since I love cats, he would make me Minister of Cat Affairs. Wow, we would live in the Governor's Cat House. I also said we would have to have CAT-astrophic health insurance and of course PURRS benefits. But then I got to wondering, when the cats started stalking, would we be allowed to say Let us Prey. Just California Dreamin'. ' Tina and Regis Carrara, Central Point

The Emperor's New Clothes Once upon a time, two charlatans from Europe came to Never-Never Land to sell a bill of goods to the populace. Their intent, they said, was to guide the parents in protecting the young people of the land. Dress your fine emperor in this excellent attire woven of the finest latex that money can buy ' never mind the fact that it is sheer and porous and has a measurable breakage and failure rate.

Furthermore, broadcast it from the rooftops that the way to show your love to young people is to encourage them in their misbehavior by giving them designer copies of this fine style. Give such a garment to your beautiful young daughter before you blithely hand her into bondage for the use of the young men of your nation.

— Whatever happened to Just Say No? Whatever happened to integrity and self-control? Abstinence until marriage is the only safe route for protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Are our young people so weak and willful that we cannot, if we truly love them, teach them the truth?

Three cheers for Channel 12, who just said No to Planned Parenthood's ad campaign! ' Marilyn Arthur, Medford

Wal-Mart contributes According to Velma Meiners (Wal-Mart article Oct. 1), Wal-Mart doesn't support communities or schools. Evidently she has not been inside a Wal-Mart, especially in the layaway section with all the thank-you letters posted for all to see from the various organizations that Wal-Mart has contributed to.

Recently the store contributed several thousands of dollars to the Eagle Point High School swim team. Its contributions have included those to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and several school activities, just to name a few. Support for the community? Look around.

Another ongoing comment I always hear is about low wages and substandard merchandise. Who anymore pays higher wages in that category with the benefit package that Wal-Mart has? Granted, you can't get rich there, however for a second family income, it's not bad.

For the merchandise part, everything I've bought there has always been good quality, including several electronic gadgets where at a regular computer store, I would have paid a lot more for the same item.

I just wonder how many people who have complained about the various issues have actually shopped there? Actually, if I was Wal-Mart, with this ongoing griping about the Central Point location, I'd go someplace else and pay taxes there. ' R. Ray, White City

News media show prejudice Rush Limbaugh is in trouble for saying that the press has overrated a black quarterback in their push to promote a quarterback that is black.

It is my observation that the press does do this because of strong desires to prove that they are politically correct.

The fact that the press does this in my view is proof that they show racial prejudice against whites in order to promote themselves. It doesn't indicate that Rush is prejudiced.

When the press covers this issue, they always say why others think it is prejudice against blacks, but they don't give the side as to why it might not be. It is called sensationalism over fairness. ' Terry Whitted, Central Point

Creative photography I must write to commend you on your gem Jim Craven's work. Such creative photography!

The Sept. 24 front page photo take a prize. ' Marion B. Hammer, Medford