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Yes on 15-49

Don't be fooled by claims that Measure 15-49 will require an election on every road construction project in Medford. In the next 20 years ODOT plans to bring six or seven possible projects to Medford that would require voter approval. City projects without ODOT will not have contracts for voters to approve. As for our losing funds already approved, that is also not true. If you don't believe me, ask Sen. Lenn Hannon. The opposition has plenty of money from special interest groups and local politicians to try to defeat 15-49 and they have begun their propaganda by implying that the cost would outweigh the benefits. Elections cost a few thousand and the projects can cost us tens of millions each. Let's get it right before work is begun. Vote yes on 15-49. ' Paul R. Potts, Medford

Pearson is in error

At the Rogue Valley Community Television debate held Oct. 8 regarding the city of Medford street initiative, Ballot Measure 15-49, proponent John Pearson advised that legal issues regarding the proposed provision could be decided through the state attorney general and our local legislator.

Mr. Pearson is in error. Legislators participate in the creation of law, but they play no part in deciding issues between litigating parties.

The state attorney general is the attorney for the government of the state, but the state attorney general does not settle issue between litigating parties.

If the ballot measure passes, there will likely be numerous cases filed to decide when, and when not, a vote of the people is required. Those cases will be decided by courts after long and expensive court litigation. ' William A. Mansfield, Medford

No on charter amendment

The proponents of Measure 15-49 want you to think it would only apply to certain large projects, such as the South Medford Interchange. In fact, the measure is extremely complicated and poorly worded. It may well require unnecessary and expensive votes on numerous small projects.

The measure is so poorly worded that the courts will ultimately have to decide when citizens of Medford have to vote on any given transportation project. The time delays and uncertainty caused by this procedure could cause Medford to lose state and federal funding for much-needed traffic projects.

Measure 15-49 could prevent Medford from building street projects necessary to keep traffic flowing. Stop the charter amendment ' vote no on Measure 15-49. ' Gary C. Peterson, attorney, Medford

Vote yes on 15-49

Charter Amendment Opposition Chair John Eads said in the RVTV debate the other night that it's time for Medford citizens to give up nostalgia for the way Medford used to be, and resign themselves to progress. Personally, I am nostalgic for streets and parks that once were quieter and safer than what we have today. We shouldn't have to resign ourselves to the kind of progress that the organization would like us to endure.

The City of Medford believes citizens should pay for this progress, in about &

36;15 million in local taxes and fees to help move one interchange four blocks south. Citizens should inform themselves by going to . They can learn how the city has manipulated and influenced ODOT to locate interchanges to benefit developers and commercial interest at our expense.

Citizens, it's our streets, our choice. Vote yes on Charter Amendment 15-49. ' Audrey Casey, Medford

Vote no on 15-49

After hearing about the proposed charter amendment, I decided to look into it for myself. I learned that requiring the people of Medford to vote on transportation projects will seriously hurt Medford's ability to garner state and federal funds to fix the many state highways that run through our town.

I learned this is because there is stiff competition throughout Oregon for highway funds and one of the things used to determine which cities get the state and federal money, is whether a project is ready to be built. Having to vote every time a transportation project is needed will mean that Medford will never have a project that is ready to go and we will lose out to other cities. This will mean that our roads just won't get fixed and traffic problems will worsen. Please join me in voting no on this bad idea ' the Charter Amendment 15-49. ' Dave Pritchett, Eagle Point

Local agency applauds IRS

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Oregon, an agency that has served the community since l971, applauds the efforts of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Trade Commission, which will help consumers understand the difference between responsible and irresponsible credit counseling agencies.

The joint advisory issued by the IRS and the FTC will help our efforts to raise industry standards and strengthen consumer protection for all who need financial advice and debt relief. ' Jan Safley, executive director, CCCS of Southern Oregon, Inc.

It's not about Wal-Mart

It's not about low prices or high prices. It's not about low wages or high wages. It's not even about convenience or inconvenience. This is about a major corporation coming to Central Point and manipulating the current zoning law and using creative interpretation of words to build a mega-giant superstore.

If we as citizens of Central Point let any major corporation tell us how it is going to be no matter what, then we have a problem. This area where they want to build was supposed to serve the community, not an entire region. The super Wal-Marts that I have seen are in areas where large commercial shopping is expected, not in the back yard of highly populated family homes.

We need to send a message to all of the big giants. Let's tell them to follow the rules. We tell that to our children, so let's set an example. Let them build where it is appropriately zoned. ' Ray Wilkerson, Central Point

They should be ashamed

In a state that is supposedly broke, how does the government come up with the money for turning Briscoe Elementary School into a Migrant Head Start center? We don't have enough money to use this facility for American children, but we reward illegal aliens for breaking the law.

Taxpayers should be outraged! Our leaders are selling out our way of life and our children's standard of living to please the politically correct crowd. They should be ashamed. ' John Schwartz, Central Point

Is that what we want?

For the small minority of Americans who believe that the 38 million abortions performed since 1973 were a horrible thing, please consider: Right now we have 16 million unemployed adults competing for a finite number of jobs. For these people, employment is tantamount to survival. Period.

Had these 38 million fetuses grown to adulthood, America would now have 54 million unemployed adults. Is that what we want ' a situation worse than the Great Depression? ' James P. Snyder, Medford

Adopt Corvallis plan

Medford's potential growth and Urban Growth Boundary changes are frequent news items of late. I am opposed to extending the U.G. Boundary promoting more growth and development. More people and residences will add to our traffic problems, require extension of city and county services (sewer, water, police protection, etc.). While adding to the tax base, growth fails to pay for itself. The system development fees charged to developers are not sufficient to offset all costs of development, including new school buildings.

I support the present public hearing process by the various entities involved in planning U.G. Boundary changes. However, I'm concerned that the pro-growth and developer for profits interest may exercise their considerable influence on the final decision makers to include some of our adjacent agricultural resource land ' which I oppose. Maybe approval of higher densities of development (housing) might slow down growth and reduce the need to expand our U.G. Boundary.

I am a strong advocate for the Corvallis Plan of annexation of property into city boundaries by a vote of the citizens of Medford. This would require amending our city charter, but would give control of the annexation process to the taxpayer citizens of Medford, where it belongs. ' Gordon I. Bentson, Medford