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Letters to the editor

Letter was correct

Ray Wilkerson's letter from Central Point was correct about Wal-Mart's strong-arming the public by going around our zoning laws. Also, if a tech company that would pay &

36;20-plus per hour and hire 200 people wanted to build in the same spot someone would find a fairy shrimp or endangered flea to stop them. The Good Old Boys still run the valley, don't they? ' Ila Richardson, Medford

Don't support Patriot Act

The oath Commissioner Jack Walker took was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and not necessarily the government. If the government of the United States is in compliance with the Constitution, no conflict exists. But in the case of the Patriot Act, the conflict is blatant and irrefutable.

Mr. Walker, by supporting the Patriot Act, you are a domestic enemy of the people of the United States of America. ' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Don't be impressed

For those so impressed by Wal-Mart's generosity for local causes, consider the following: the multi-million dollar Bud Walton basketball arena at rhe University of Arkansas, the multi-million dollar Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Ark., and the recent &

36;300 million gift to the University of Arkansas.

These are the charities that Wal-Mart customers are paying for. ' Harlan Moore, Medford

The worst drivers around

Take a drive through Medford. Make note of how many traffic violations you see. The count will be high.

After extensive travel and driving in numerous cities, I believe that Medford has some of the worst drivers around. In one afternoon, I saw pedestrians unsuccessfully try to cross streets; a driver stop on a green light at the corner of Ninth and Central for pedestrians, endangering everyone; a driver stop on a green light at the corner of Highway 99 and Barnett to talk with a friend on a skateboard on the sidewalk; no turn signals, changing lanes without looking, tailgating and a myriad of other offenses.

Perhaps Jackson County's driver education program is lacking. Perhaps people are in too much of a hurry. The message it extends is that people are self-involved and unaware.

Traffic laws are there for a reason. I'm disgusted by the rude, oblivious, inconsiderate nature of most Rogue Valley drivers.

The problem is getting worse! What happened to common courtesy and common sense?

Will you be the next to fly through a crosswalk, fail to signal, cut someone off or talk on the cell phone? Think first, and help us all be a little safer! ' C. Elliott, Medford

Define the policy

The Sept. 30 column by Larry M. Bartels, correlating presidencies with unemployment, is a perfect illustration of the fact that liars figure.

He allows up to two years' lag between presidential economic policy and full effect of policy. More truthful would be five, 10 or more years in most cases.

President Carter was blamed for high inflation following the energy crisis, which neither he nor anyone else in government could have prevented. More likely that disaster was a result of Eisenhower-era Mideast policies.

President Clinton claimed credit for good economic news before he had been in office a month. President Bush was blamed for bad economic news before he even took office.

Negative events can have quick effects, as an oil embargo or a terrorist attack on civilization. Business cycles involve much time and the causes are never fully defined even by the best economists.

If Mr. Bartels thinks that Clinton's economic policy brought immediate prosperity, maybe he can outline the features of that elusive policy. That would be most useful to economists of both parties. ' Ira M. Edwards, Medford

Welcome to Viet-Iraq

For many years I have harbored contempt for France because of the attitude they have had towards the United States. But this is a new world, with a new bully ' America, and at least France has the guts to tell us when we're wrong.

It is said that those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them; thus, when History 101 was covering Vietnam, President Bush must have been out drinking beer with his college buddies. Welcome, America, to Viet-Iraq. Hope the oil is worth it. ' James E. Evans, Phoenix