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Prisons becoming resorts

Why should a state prison inmate be allowed special privileges at all? Most of their victims do not have the inmates' pampered life. If you commit the crime, you should do the time ' without all the privileges of law-abiding citizens.

Why do we cater to their needs and wants? No one does that for me.

Prison life is fast becoming the resort destination of choice. No wonder there are so many crimes being committed. ' B. Meloy, Medford

Support WinterSpring

I recently attended a performance by the WinterSpring Drama Troupe called Good Grief! This performance was excellent and although most of the actors were amateurs, it could hold its own against many of the professional stage productions in this area.

Not only did this performance offer quality entertainment, but the proceeds went to a good cause ' WinterSpring. WinterSpring provides support in numerous ways to people of all ages who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

— WinterSpring needs &

36;40,000 to keep its doors and services open to grieving people in the Rogue Valley. If WinterSpring has ever touched your life, now is the time to give back. ' Sue Carroll, Phoenix

Dereliction of duty

Those state legislators that voted to require all fines for driving violations be as written in the law, without judicial evaluation, should resign immediately. All laws are subject to judicial evaluation except those that involve our Constitution.

These legislators are guilty of dereliction of duty in failing to provide the citizens of Oregon with adequate revenues to maintain a government. The very thought of using fines in order to provide these revenues is repugnant to every Oregonian and every American.

The apportionment of revenues is a sacred trust. Each individual in any democracy is entitled to receive all considerations in the taxation of all citizens.

No one citizen must be asked to pay more than his or her share according to the tax code to support that government.

Are we still a republic?

This law must be removed immediately. ' E.N. Scanlin,


Fix veterans' housing

The Housing Authority of Jackson County has come up with &

36;7.5 million for an 82-unit development for affordable housing for migrant workers. This is great for these migrant workers who are mostly not citizens anyway.

Later, housing will be built for these migrant workers with air conditioning, dishwashers, etc. Makes one wonder why money can't be found to earthquake-proof the VA domiciliary in White City for veterans who fought for this country. We could make the veterans' housing more livable and keep them from having to move elsewhere like they are doing for migrants who never fought for this country. ' Judith Pierpoint, Medford

Don't gloat over Rush's pain

Rush Limbaugh has been a thorn in many a liberal side for a very long time. I was wondering how long it would be before those on the left who have come to specialize in the politics of personal destruction would find his inevitable human flaw. And what a flaw it was!

Well, let me add my two bits. I have had two spinal surgeries, and in my case, both the pre- and post-operative pain was excruciating. Fortunately, my second surgery finally corrected the problem (so far, so good), but during all that time (approximately 10 years) I frequently imagined what might happen if the surgery failed and I had to tolerate the pain on a continuing, hopeless basis. Frankly, I resolved that if I could not find relief with drugs, I would seriously consider killing myself.

Now Limbaugh must rehabilitate himself, physically and in the eyes of his critics. In so doing no doubt he must return to the pain.

I would not have the courage to go off pain killers if I were in his shoes, but apparently he is going to make a try at it. I wish him all the best. Now, gloat. ' Lowell Nicolaus, Butte Falls

Irreverent babble

The Oct. 10th letter to the editor from Jerry Ross regarding the Molly Ivins' commentary stated, Shouldn't we expect better from an allegedly professional journalist? The grammatical errors that a fourth-grade class caught in her column was (in my opinion) injurious to her professionalism as a journalist.

In her column on Oct. 10, Welcome to the Fall Irony Fest, she again stepped out of presenting professional journalism with ridicule and clowning around in an immature manner. For instance, she stated, Not that any of us is in a position to criticize the Great Scriptwriter in the Sky, but don't you think She's going a little heavy on the irony lately?

That is not journalism, that is irreverent babble. Where is truth these days? ' Aileen Obendrauf, Medford

Be a real citizen

Why is it that all of these people, who are usually from Ashland, feel the need to harp on George Bush? I for one support him 100 percent but that is not what this letter is about.

How about that we are all a part of the USA and whether or not you agree with what he has done, we are supposed to stand together.

Did you people learn nothing from 9/11? Do you want the United States to sit back and just wait for Saddam to do something to us?

Whether they had weapons of mass destruction or not, how can anyone complain about getting rid of the regime that was in office there. It may take a few years but their country will be so much better off without him.

Be a real U.S. citizen and support our country. We are the land of the free.

I hope George Bush keeps up his great works and I for one would vote him right back into office where he is! ' M. Tracy, Central Point

An enlightened policy

While the backward Charlies in the Oregon Legislature propose confiscating the reserve funds of this poor state's colleges and universities, take a look at an enlightened state's policy:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill breaks new ground in college accessibility. Chancellor James Moeser today announced a groundbreaking initiative to give the children of low-income families an opportunity to attend college ' without borrowing a penny.

The Carolina Covenant will enable low-income students to come to Carolina and graduate debt-free if they work on campus 10 to 12 hours weekly in a federal work-study job throughout their four years here, instead of borrowing. The university will meet the rest of students' needs through a combination of federal, state, university and private grants and scholarships.

UNC-Chapel Hill is the nation's first public university to launch such an initiative. (from the UNC Web site, Oct. 8, 2003). ' W. Seeman, Medford

Watch that usage

I try not to be nit-picky, and am indulgent of the occasional grammatical lapse in letters, columns and articles in the daily paper. But when the writer is carping about another's grammatical faults, as Jerry Ross of Grants Pass is in his letter published Oct. 10, it does seem he might take some care with his own usage.

He berates Molly Ivins, and notes that one of her columns had no less (emphasis mine) that four errors.

Fewer is the word you're groping for Jerry. Tsk, tsk. ' Grant Shepard, Medford

Waste of tax money

Perhaps you have heard about or seen some of the local TV commercials which undermine parental values. These commercials fly in the face of parents who are teaching their children that abstinence is right and promiscuity is wrong.

Even more outrageous is that these ads are taxpayer funded. Both the ad agency and the local TV stations are paid by state and county taxes and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, by the way, gets millions of dollars each year from grants and government subsidies.

Hank Collins of the Jackson County Health Department tells me they have a little savings to pay for these ads. Isn't that interesting at a time when government agencies are asking for more money?

I hope offended parents and grandparents will take a moment and call Hank Collins and local TV station managers to register complaints about this huge waste of tax money while undermining parental authority. ' Nancy McAllister, Medford

Better terms needed

Can we come up with a better term for the class of murders called suicide bombers? It is definitionally suspect.

Suicide implies the intent (as opposed to accidental) of taking of one's own life. In the case of the bombers, dying oneself is only a by-product. The intent is to kill innocents.

I am also unhappy with the term settlements when referring to Israeli population centers in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). It conjures up the picture of pioneer outposts, when in fact, some of the settlements are cities. The city of Ariel, for example, has a population of 18,000 (the size of Ashland) and supports a college of 5,100 students (about the size of SOU).

Nearby communities include the towns of Immanuel, Ma'aleh Shomron, Karnei Shomron, and Kedumim. These communities, along with Ariel, are home to about 45,000 Israelis. There are school, hospitals, restaurants, shops, etc., much like we have here in our settlements in the Rogue Valley. ' Michelle Montgomery, Gold Hill

Personal vendetta

Congratulations on Laura Cogdell's letter! There has been more than one occasion when I have been tempted to call and cancel my subscription when there has been another Commentary by Molly Ivins.

In her latest column, she stated that she didn't want to be picky-picky but that is exactly what she is ' also a bit of a broken record. She hashes and rehashes the same theme and is not even an interesting journalist.

She seems to be carrying on a personal vendetta. She uses the pronoun we in all her meanderings, but I would suggest that she speak for herself and not assume that she speaks for me.

I have yet to read one of her columns that is interesting, encouraging or without malice. People do not always give voice to their opinions, but there are many who are dissatisfied with the space allowed Molly Ivins in your newspaper. ' Sue Cobun, Medford