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Think carefully before signing

Petitions to refer to voters the balanced budget plan are circulating. I am asking you to think carefully before signing.

Why? It is difficult for states to cut their budgets during times of economic hardship and population growth. States provide schools for the whole community and a safety net for our neediest neighbors.

If you see waste, report it, but let's not indulge in the fantasy that a discount government will provide for our needs. ' Ruth Walsh, Ashland

Now maybe they know

Reading the letters of all the right-wingers who are in such a lather over Molly Ivins gives me a delightful opportunity to ask them, so, how's it feel? Now maybe they understand what it's been like for others of us to read the sanctimonious bilge churned out by that hypocrite, Cal Thomas. ' John Wilkinson, Jacksonville

What a strain

The news article Saturday didn't say whether KTVL had to re-hire J. Galfano as their TV weatherman.

— I hope Mr. Galfano has the good sense to find work elsewhere. What a strain it would be on the staff to have him back! ' Guy Parker, Prospect

U.N. out of control

A Medford writer's letter, Unite the globe (Mail Tribune, Sunday, Sept. 12) raises real questions about the United Nations. This writer states: Much of what happens globally is out of control.

Really? Perhaps it's not the United States, but instead the United Nations which is out of control. A powerful network of elitists in government, business, academia and the media conspire to empower the United Nations. This criminal cartel's ultimate agenda is the destruction of American sovereignty via a socialist, one-world super state!

Too, regardless of how much overtaxed American taxpayers give, the U.N. will never be satisfied. Despite hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer's dollars in foreign aid (a ripoff scam itself!) to the United Nations since 1945, foreign wars, conflict, and genocidal atrocities still occur!

The answer is simply for the United States to get out of the United Nations. How? By accessing online and 920-749-3780, respectively. Also, by urging Congress to pass HR 1146: The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. '- — Thessalonians 5:3 ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Teach abstinence

Thankful! That is what I am for the article in the Mail Tribune several weeks ago, Abstinence programs benefit teens by Tom Smith; the guest opinion by Lynn Barton on Oct. 12, along with the half-page ad by M.A.N.Y. Ministries which was supported by 20 church and youth organizations and sponsored by five of our fine local businesses. Thank you to each of you for caring about our teens.

As to the condom ads ' teens, maybe (and believe me that is just a maybe!) you won't contract a sexually-transmitted disease or become pregnant. But what of your mental, emotional and spiritual health? Teenage promiscuity will not lead to those healthy lifestyles. Think about it!

To moms and dads: Rise up and teach your teens the value of sexual abstinence until marriage. I guarantee that someday in the future, your teen will thank you for your wise counsel at such a significant time in their life. ' Jeannie Gladson, Medford

Reason to be a Democrat

I clearly remember an interview recently in which the local chairman of the Republican Party praised Rush Limbaugh as a national treasure. This past week Rush has been exposed as a lying, racist drug addict. He was booted off ESPN, he was outed by his housekeeper for buying tens of thousands of illegal pills ' pills that are the equivalent of heroin ' and then, after finding out he was the subject of a criminal investigation, he suddenly decides to check in for celebrity rehab.

This is the local chairman's hero? Reason enough to be a Democrat, I believe.

Oh, yes, and those of you Limbaugh-lovers who are writing in to slander Molly Ivins for telling the truth about Dubya ' just settle down, turn your channel to Fox News and wait for Rush to return so you will once again know what to think. ' Ron Stimson, Phoenix