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Life, liberty, then schools

Do we have to spell it out for the Democrats? Yes, &

36;87 billion is a lot, but if we don't absolutely win this war on terrorism you won't have to think about schools or social programs or Molly Ivins. That's why we don't bat an eye, Mr. Lewis. Think again. Life, liberty, then schools. ' Tod Miller, Central Point

Israeli wall an atrocity

Thanks ' finally! ' for some front-page coverage (Oct. 25) of at least one of the atrocities ' the Israeli Wall ' in the long-running land-grab in the Middle East. The whole world is outraged anew at this latest injustice, but so what? Sharon wants it, and Bush is afraid to say no.

Too bad your story skipped the most important part: the Wall, like the Israeli settlements, is largely financed by U.S. taxpayers. ' Isaac Walker, Ashland

Lowry misplaces blame

Rich Lowry blamed Clinton for the failure to catch Osama bin Laden and fight terror. He said that after the Blackhawk Down incident, Osama saw American troops as a paper tiger. The distortion of it all.

Osama said a defining moment of his terrorist career was during the Reagan administration when a truck bomb blew up our embassy in Beirut, killing 200 soldiers. The Americans withdrew, and Osama said he realized that killing American soldiers forced our retreat. In fact, Islamic terrorists killed more Americans during Reagan than any previous president, and more than Bush Sr. and Clinton combined.

— After the 1993 trade towers bombing, Clinton tripled the anti-terrorism budget. The Washington Post wrote that Clinton was the first administration to undertake a systematic anti-terrorist effort. Paul Bremer, former ambassador for counterterrorism under Reagan and current civilian administrator in Iraq, said Clinton correctly focused on bin Laden.

So it was Reagan, not Clinton, who proved to Osama that American soldiers are paper tigers. Reagan officials even praised him for targeting Osama bin Laden. Now I know why Rich Lowry is featured in Al Franken's book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. ' Michael Stout, Ashland

Whose schools need money?

During Bush's Indonesia visit he promised their schools &

36;157 million naively and hypocritically trying to buy school-kids' friendship. He's already decimated Head Start, stripped millions and integrity from his empty lying boast to leave no child behind. Whose schools need our tax dollars? It's a revealing demonstration of Bush's fast-buck gunslinger misunderstanding of international relations ' if they hate me, I'll write them a check. ' G.E. Myers, Jacksonville

Right wing errs, too

I would like to chime in on the discussion about Molly Ivins. As far as I'm concerned, editorials are not journalism. Editorials are a platform to critique, comment and vent.

For all those harping on Molly for grammatical errors, here is a new concept for you. It's called literary license. The pundits of the right also make the same types of errors, and I don't see Mannix or Limbaugh getting lambasted. Even the court-appointed leader of this glorious country has ineptitude with the English language that borders on Pythonesque absurdity.

As far as I'm concerned the grammatical potshots are a cop-out. Molly's insights are hitting a nerve with conservatives.

Michael Moore had the same attacks made against him because of his narratives, while the content of his work is dismissed by the pundits of the right on technicalities. Where is the Grammar Gestapo against Rush's high as a kite diatribes against liberalism?

It would be refreshing to see the same vigor applied to the WMD debacle or maybe the lack of fiscal support for education. It's obvious that both sides care about accuracy, but context always gets an A-plus in my grade book. ' Cedric Buckingham, Medford

Finally had enough

Finally, I've had enough. If the Tribune sees fit to print the manufactured works of the paid propagandist Rich Lowry (the editor of the National Review, a publication established and designed for indoctrination purposes), it would seem proper to provide contrary information. Molly Ivins' writings are well documented and based upon facts. She points out the malevolence of the current political/economic situation the U.S. is experiencing.

I'm aware that the American people have been subjected to a pervasive, comprehensive and well-thought-out campaign of thought control. The vitriolic hatred declared about Molly Ivins is the obvious result of such a mind control strategy.

However, the Tribune, I think, has been more than fair in trying to present a balanced presentation of various points of view. Individuals offended by this should probably seek a venue where dissent is not allowed ' or speak to their physician about their feelings. ' Bob Freeman, Medford