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Letters to the editor

We need an exit strategy

Who handles this president's checkbook? He just made a trip to the East and when leaving Indonesia he said oh, by the way, here is our check for &

36;300 million to help you fight terrorism in your country.

Another bribe? How does his slush fund work, is it limitless? He will bankrupt this country if he is allowed four more years. We must work on an exit strategy for George W. Bush. ' Keith Van Horn, Medford

Please filibuster

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian, yet we rushed to attack Iraq. We've yet to investigate the governance failures of 9/11, yet we, the people, were quickly saddled with the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

We have a White House with pronounced ties to the oil industry. Yet now Congress is being asked to approve an energy policy with a scant few days to examine it. Senator Smith, please filibuster this disregard for due process. ' Dave May, Ashland

What America is really about

In response to M. Tracy's letter (Sunday, Oct. 19), a word from one of the people from Ashland: One of the freedoms that you allegedly support happens to be freedom of speech. It means that I, or any other person, can say or write what he pleases about the president of the United States. Not just Bill Clinton and those other librals, (sic) but about presidents like George Dubya as well. And in doing so, we can still support the government of the United States.

Carl Schurz expressed it some decades ago when he said, My country, right or wrong. We forget that he went on to say, if right, to be kept right, and if wrong, to be set right. You see, M. Tracy, that's what America is really about. You seem to be influenced in (his/her) decision by high-sounding phrases of indefinite meaning (and ) vague generalities.

So, vote for Mr. Bush. One of the people of Ashland will set it right. ' Doug Mitchell, Ashland

Time to lighten up

Where did the Southern Oregon Humane Society get their guidelines for adoption? No families with children under the age of 6 are allowed to have a puppy? I'm sorry, but Wednesday's article (Oct. 15) fired me up.

Bill Templeman and Babette Carvalho should be less worried about their own beliefs of who is a proper pet owner, and worry more about the current quality of life (small pen or cage) at the shelter. Bill's comment Sending (dogs) into a home where they might not have that attention often becomes detrimental to the dog and the owner.

If Bill is using the word might, he and his employees are obviously stuck on their own perceptions rather than good old common sense. Nobody wants to see a pet come back to the shelter. But, what's the point if they never leave?

Colleen Macuk of the Jackson County Animal Shelter said in Saturday's paper (Oct. 18), Every day that dogs are not adopted costs the taxpayers money (&


I know that everyone at the Humane Society means well. Otherwise, they wouldn't be there. But, isn't it time to 'lighten up?' How many people haven't been to the shelter to adopt because they don't want the hassle? ' Dale G. Wolfard Jr., Medford

We get a D

Once again the education of our children is being threatened! If we have so little money, then why not request money from the lottery fund? Oh, it's for economic development? Let's see, where are we if we don't educate our children?

It doesn't take a professor to see that our priorities are not correct when we choose economic development over education. For a country that is supposedly so advanced we get a D in what's important! ' Colleen H. Kennedy, Rogue RiverElection lettersVote yes on 15-49

Our city has a beautiful, full-service park with Bear Creek Park. If we do not have a voice in street planning, this park is subject to ruination. Remember, there's a skate and bike park on the Highland side of this park. Children are always crossing Highland and walking up and down it. Have you considered the danger of this? Crossing Highland itself is dangerous now.

Do you enjoy the summer concerts, playground, tennis courts, walking your dog or just walking in the park? Consider all the consequences of the extra traffic around this park. This will also cause consequences on Siskiyou Boulevard, which is the north side of the park. Help preserve the quality of life at this park.

It's our streets, our choice, our quality of life. Vote yes on 15-49. ' Joyce VanCleave, Medford

Don't mess your own tent

Residents on the east side. Don't mess in your own tent!

The two bridges over Bear Creek at Jackson and Barnett that have defects are now overflowing large traffic into neighborhoods due to weight limits. If the amendment passes you had better get used to it because you will have just messed up the opportunity to have them repaired in the foreseeable future or ever due to the requirement of a vote.

If you are unhappy with the decision makers then replace them, don't just put stumbling blocks in front of the elected officials and then criticize them when you do not agree. Their job is representing the whole town, not special interests or neighborhoods. ' Tom Owens, Medford

Voting in favor

It seems to me that the highly financed and incessant TV ads asking us to stop the charter amendment are much like asking voters to stop voting and interfering with those who know what is best for us.

The courts are used to overturning the people's choices, the unelected administrators of numerous state and county agencies tell citizens what is in their best interest, and the electorate are asked to give up their rights to votes and rely on those more intelligent public employees.

I, for one, am not giving up my right to vote. I am voting in favor of the charter amendment. If you like LCDC, you will love ODOT (continuing) to choose what is best for us. ' Alan Ludwick, Medford

Vote no on 15-49

Measure 15-49 gives the impression that there would be better access to public input into traffic and street improvement by the voters than the present system. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The ballot would give only a yes or no vote on approval without any commentary as to specific suggestions. This not only impedes the planning of street improvements by ODOT and city planners and engineers, but it increases the time and costs of the projects. Instead of using the ballot for approval, ODOT, RVCOG, and Medford have used workshops and citizen advisory groups to give suggestions on street improvements months or years in advance to funding. This is certainly a cheaper and a better system of public input than the ballot. Vote no on Measure 15-49 and volunteer to join the MPO Public Advisory Committee (phone 664-6674) for better access to commenting on projects. ' Porter Lombard, Medford

Due for a disappointment

While I live in east Medford, I am voting against Measure 15-49. The transportation planning system may be broken, but 15-49 will not fix it, it will only make it worse. The improvements need to come on the front end with effective public input that is accepted and not ignored or denied by the planners in the conceptual planning stage and again in the detailed design stage ' not after the whole procedure is complete.

If 15-49 passes and the new south Medford interchange scheme is subsequently rejected by the voters, the opening of the super Wal-Mart in south Medford is sure to result in perpetual gridlock at Stewart and Barnett. Those folks traveling between the east end of Barnett and west Medford will quickly figure out that the west end of Siskiyou Boulevard is a good alternate route. The Siskiyou residents who favor 15-49 may be due for a disappointment. ' David Argetsinger, Medford

Allegations unfounded

A communication, targeted at Rogue Valley Manor residents, from the Eastside Neighborhood Assoc., filled with half-truths and unfounded allegations about the proposed change to the South Medford I-5 exit, is designed to scare people into voting for the proposal to tie the city's hands in dealing with ODOT.

Among the allegations: the ramp will be closer to the Manor, resulting in more noxious fumes and noise. To the contrary, the proposed plan will turn west-bound traffic onto a new ramp away from the Manor; such traffic will no longer go up to Barnett for a left turn over I-5. Also, the new ramp for east/north-bound traffic will be a deceleration lane, which should be less noisy.

This group had their say about the proposed new exit, and lost; they are now attempting overkill. Let our elected City Council do what is best for all of us. ' Richard Boudinot Wright, Medford