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Dancing with who brought 'em

To paraphrase Tip O'Neill, brothers Bush are dancing with the 40 percent white evangelical vote who brought them to power. This explains the administration's refusal to punish or remove Lt. Gen. Boykin for blatant anti-Muslim remarks made to a religious group, while dressed in full military uniform.

Next, brother Jeb, full of Christian compassion, ordered restoration of a feeding tube to a brain-dead woman who has been in this state for 13 years. ' Ruth A. Carson, Medford

Opinion flawed

The commentary titled, Pledge case should be easy on the Sunday opinion page Oct. 19 was flawed.

To some folks, Allah, Buddha, Hashem, Krishna, creation, the sky, etc., are gods. Everyone has some type of god that they worship, even if it is a sports idol, their mate, children, or their expensive car. When they pledge the allegiance to the flag, why not just mention their god and go on their merry way?

For the Christian, we will be thinking of Yahweh. He is the Lord our God and there will be no other! ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

I see dead people

The Republican right, masquerading as the Republican mainstream, is gearing up to overturn the bipartisan budget passed by the Legislature. Their foot soldiers are at malls and post offices trying to get us to sign their petitions.

One need no longer ask why they are out there. They are out there for money.

Included in the new state budget were modest reforms designed to end the outrageous tax gifts we give big business in Oregon. The Republican right, not wishing to bite the hand that feeds it, is out to overturn these reforms, which would help end the era of the Pacific Power &

36;10 tax.

This is the part of the letter where I beg your readers not to sign the petition. You know, I don't have the heart. I am in the trenches, trying to dig this state out of the grave dug for it by these self-serving politicians and those they have deceived. I have seen the results of the cuts these same people have forced on our state.

I see dead people. ' Philip Newton, Murphy

Refuse to sign

Oregon's voter initiative process is a source of pride for many Oregonians. Misuse of the initiative process has, however, had the unfortunate effect of telling legislators that they have little real responsibility, since their actions can be reversed almost as soon as they make them.

In the recent torturous session of the Legislature, our representatives summoned some level of courage to balance the budget with an income tax surcharge. This is a good time for Oregon voters to send them a message that they can afford to stand up for the needs of the state. We can do that by using the initiative process wisely and refusing to sign the petition that would undo their actions. That would be a powerful message indeed that the Legislature is not meaningless and that we expect them to do what's right for the people. Stand with them. Stand up for education and public safety by refusing to sign. ' John Karl Letz, Medford

We are all citizens

I may be only 13, but I do read these letters, and I happened to come across the letter from M. Tracy of Central Point. They said that they support Bush 100 percent. So, technically they're saying they support the fact that he sent millions of soldiers out to Iraq to hunt down Saddam and kill thousands of innocent people and destroy their lives and land. Oh, and to give Iraq &

36;87 billion to rebuild what we destroyed, only so we can destroy it again.

And, yes, I think we all learned quite a lot from 9/11 and Saddam had nothing to do with that as far as we know. Everyone here is a real U.S. citizen, whether we support our, I hate to say, president or how he is running our country. If he does keep up his great works, our country is doomed. ' Holly Ray, 13, Medford