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Children are a blessing

Regarding Embrace your baby: I agree wholeheartedly. Babies are supposed to change your life. Embrace it!

A quote by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum states The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings.

We as mothers must joyously embrace our highest calling. We are determining the future of our nation by investing in our children. This is worthy of our effort! ' Michelle Johnson,

Rogue River

Liberating the oppressed

President Bush is fond of saying, We're not a nation of conquerors. We're a nation of liberators. It's heartwarming to know that we liberated the American Indians, and also the people of the Mexican territories, the Philippines and Vietnam. These people should be overflowing with gratitude.

Now I get it: when practiced by Soviets and Iraqis, it's unprovoked aggression. When practiced by us, we're merely liberating the oppressed. ' James Snyder, Medford

Lowry can't be serious

Over the last several months I've read letters to the editor questioning the paper's decision to print Molly Ivins' column, one of my favorites. Others questioned the placement of Doonesbury with the comics, suggesting it be moved to the editorial page.

— The real question is why you print Rich Lowry's column on the editorial page or at all. Move it to the comics page because his column is a joke! Surely he can't be serious. ' Ken Kigel, Ashland

Re-mortgaging our future

The DEQ's proposals to change the way air pollution credits are allotted is tantamount to re-mortgaging our air quality future only to rack up dirtier air. It is as illogical and ill-conceived an idea as one could imagine.

Allowing the air to get dirtier will not attract new businesses when one can get all the dirty air and cheap labor to boot elsewhere. Because other areas are choking on smog and lowering their standards, we should too?

I am surprised by this 19th-century smokestack mentality. We cut funding for schools and let development go unchecked and then gripe about the declining quality of life here.

Get a grip, people. The world is finite. This is a small valley completely encircled by high mountains and a cool climate.

We have to face the facts and live within our means. We should embrace the things that make this area unique and beautiful. Because commitment to a healthier environment will attract new business like nothing else can.

I believe this fact was recognized by the authors of Oregon's environmental quality laws, hence their explicit reference to restore to as pristine a condition as practicable. So, what's wrong with that? ' Tom Espinosa, Medford

Vote yes on 30

Oregon has a balanced budget now. Last fall's chaos resulted in both political parties agreeing to large cuts and minor revenue increases. This keeps Oregon secure, safe, and stable.

It costs a bit (&

36;1 per month), but the poor will not have to pay. For the rest of the well-to- do, it's small price to pay for:

Prisons keeping drug-dealers and criminals in off the street.

Courts open.

Medical coverage for seniors and poor.

A stable, adequate education system with a full year for youth.

Open libraries.

Community colleges to help people get started in a career.

A stable economy.

There is no bigger bang for a buck. Oregon cannot afford more chaos and confusion.

Out-of-state fat-cats want to tell us what is best for us. Tell them we know what we want. We want a stable and safe Oregon. We want a sound economy. Vote yes on Measure 30. ' Andra Hollenbeck, Ashland

Pray for America

If our Lord returned today, would he support a party that passes programs to aid the old, sick or poor, or a party that says, No new taxes, I've got mine, get your own?

Please pray for America this new year! We are sick and need God's help. ' John Holseth, Phoenix