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Letters to the editor

Speak up now

Alert! Something imminent and terrible is being proposed for our valley!

Do you want industrial emissions pouring over your community and doubling the present air pollution level? Even Ashland could become another White City. If not, get involved; speak out now or forever hold your breath.

Over 250 attended the Department of Environmental Quality meeting Dec. 16 to just say no to their misguided plan to allow industrial emissions to double in our pollution-trapping basin. But DEQ doesn't live here or get the message. And thousands who live and breathe throughout our valley have no idea what's happening.

Spread the word! Only a massive grassroots effort, for the common cause of keeping the very restrictions that have led to dramatic air quality improvement over the past decade, will help us fight this assault of industry and politics.

Let's pack the house at the DEQ meeting at 5 p.m. Jan. 21 at South Medford High School and tell DEQ to retain all present air quality restrictions at the meeting and by phoning David Collier at DEQ, 800-452-4011, e-mail collier.david@deq.state.or.us.

Join Keep It Clean, Citizens for Clean Industry in Rogue Valley ' email chanotin@aol.com or 608-0378. Dismay won't help ' public outcry will! ' Irwin Hurley, Medford

Letter ignores historical fact

In regard to Lorna Marona's letter of Dec. 26, Even-handed policy needed, she seems to think that our current foreign policy is based upon our guilt about what happened to European Jewry during the Holocaust. She completely ignores historical fact, and never seems to realize that Israel cannot negotiate with people who want to destroy it.

Under Israeli so-called occupation, Palestine, the country that never was was offered well in excess of 90 percent of what it wanted, and would have already been under self rule had it truly wanted a two-state solution.

Would they have achieved absolutely everything they desired? Most likely not ' nor, I might add, would the Israelis. This is what negotiation is all about.

Instead, Arafat and his ilk chose to start the Intifada. Civilians have been specifically targeted with hideous bombs filled with ball bearings, nails, etc.

The writer implies that she felt disgust that the Germans and Europeans targeted the Jews, but isn't she doing exactly the same thing when she insinuates that most of our problems with the Arab and Muslim world are really the result of our policy toward the Jewish nation? ' Alan Corbeth, Jacksonville

Another holiday gift

By recently eliminating protections for 9.6 million pristine acres in Alaska's Tongass Rainforest ' the world's largest intact temperate rainforest ' President Bush is sending another holiday gift to his campaign contributors in the timber, mining and oil industries at the expense of the American people and the environment.

These are some of the last places in the U.S. that have pure water and healthy wildlife populations, including grizzly bears, whales, rare sitka deer, wolves and bald eagles. Humans will be hurt too ' commercial fishermen and recreational businesses rely on forests free from the pollution, soil erosion and increased fire risk that clearcut logging brings.

Bush's decision is an affront to the wishes of the American people, who submitted a record 2.5 million public comments in support of protecting the Tongass and roadless areas across the country. Unfortunately, taxpayers will now be footing a multi-million-dollar bill for logging roads into these pristine areas.

As if this isn't enough, President Bush is considering weakening protections for roadless areas in the Lower 48 next year, including here in Oregon. Instead of lavishing another gift on the timber industry, the administration should give a lasting gift to future generations by protecting our last wild forests. ' Jennifer O'Brien, organizer, Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG), Ashland

Repaint the building

I am glad to learn that the Medford Planning Commission is keeping an eye on the downtown. The color of Porky's Pride BBQ is ugly and should be changed to fit into the area.

Yes, the bright color does draw attention to the building, but it is not a good kind of attention. I noticed the building right away, and I also noticed how it cheapens the whole neighborhood. Porky's, please repaint the building right away. ' Gus Aupperle, Medford