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Letters to the editor

Problem is too many people

Thank you, Mail Tribune, for publishing Urban heat, pollution change nearby precipitation patterns, written by Andrew Bridges of The Associated Press. I can only hope this article will wake up the pro-growth proponents who want to make our valley another Los Angeles.

If you moved here to get out of the rat race and for the valley's quality of life, please start feeling the bumper of the car behind and the one in front of you. Now is the time to face the future and not when it's too late. Stabilization of our population is the ultimate choice, beginning now. ' Val Swanson, Ashland

I-5 closure laughable

The recent closure of I-5 due to heavy snow is very questionable and laughable.

I have lived in heavy snow areas in Colorado and California. Roads there were always plowed and bad weather was always predicted well in advance. If roads were closed, it was for short periods of time.

There is no reason why the Oregon Department of Transportation should be unable to manage heavy snowfall. Heavy snow on Siskiyou Summit is not uncommon and enough preparation should be done to get the cars through safely.

This is just another example of the poor management, poor planning and lack of foresight in local government and organizations in Southern Oregon. Can you imagine what it must have been like for the travelers stuck on the highway? This type of occurrence should not happen again and with the right planning, there is little reason why it should. ' Judith Ellicott, Ashland

Bless the rescuer

The small house pet, the guinea pig, has the most wonderful woman, Devon Anthony, who re-homes and rescues these adorable little house pets, who are looking for new homes or being re-homed and need a new family.

Devon is so dedicated to these little fellows and gals, is always ready to answer any questions that arise in their care and welfare as to the proper housing conditions and foods they may need to lead healthy lives. Pet Country on North Pacific Highway is her headquarters and you can see her there and the little pigs that need new homes. Thank you Pet Country and Devon Anthony for caring. ' Mary Anne Petersen, Jacksonville

Thanks for coverage

Thank you for covering our rallies supporting our president and troops. My grandson is home but will be returning to the Middle East in June.

Veteran Mel Wingler reminded me that the United States has been number — for over 100 years, with less than 5 percent of the world population. Until the remaining 95-plus percent of the world wants peace and love we will have to fight for it and, sadly, many will sacrifice life and limb. ' Lady in White, Erlene Thomson, Trail

Leak betrays wishes

Unfortunately, somehow a leak to the media has betrayed the wishes of Bob Johnson. I am associated with an organization fortunate enough to be included as a recipient of his generosity.

For many years I have known Bob and his late wife, Joan. Truly, they would have wished as little attention as possible.

So, duh, I find it extremely ironic to read in the front page Mail Tribune article dated Dec. 25, He specifically requested his gifts be divided amongst a number of charities, but he didn't want any attention. Also, Johnson was a quiet man and asked his lawyer not to create a media fuss.

I'm proud to say the leak did not come from my organization! ' Margaret Brown, Medford