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Letters to the editor

How not to make friends

A headline in the Mail Tribune recently touts procedures that require photographing and fingerprinting all foreign visitors to this country as a new anti-terror tool. Please put yourself in the shoes of one of those foreign visitors for a moment and ask yourself whether being treated that way would make you like America more, or like us less.

Terrorism against a country is fueled by hatred of that country. If you give people more reasons to dislike us, the result will be increased, not decreased, terrorism. Why is it so difficult to understand that connection?

The war against terrorism will not be won by the country with the most anti-terror tools. It will be won by the country with the most friends. ' William Ashworth, Ashland

We have a choice

This Feb. 3, we have a choice:

Choice one: Tax gifts to the rich, subsidized SUVs, cheap cigarettes 10-buck corporate taxes. This option would continue to put unearned dollars in the pockets of the fat and sassy while you and I struggle to fund state services out of stagnant wages.

Choice Two: Stop subsidizing Humvees. End the &

36;10 corporate tax. Help fund services to seniors and children by restoring fairness to the tax system.

— Measure 30 will cost most of us about five bucks a month or less. Lower wage-earners will pay nothing. Passage of Measure 30 funds a basic level of services and, if we don't need it, it goes away. We can do this, and save our state.

Or, we can keep paying for those rich people's Humvees. Hmmm. ' Phil Newton, Murphy

Merry Christmas

A few days before Christmas, I was parked in the lot outside of Circuit City. I went in the store to purchase a gift for my grandson. To my surprise, when I returned to my car, someone had backed out of the space next to me and ripped off my side view mirror (passenger side). There was no note left and no one came into the store to try to locate the owner of the car. The car was a 1998 white Toyota Camry.

Since this is an electronic mirror, the cost to replace it is about &

36;275. My wife and I are retired seniors on a fixed income and this is a considerable expense for us. The mirror was shattered and left dangling. The person who did it had to have known that they did it and just didn't care. Doesn't anyone have a conscience any more? If anyone saw this happen, please call me. ' Don Burket, 245-9435, Medford

Drilling proceeds apace

While public attention has been focused on terrorism and the Iraq war, petroleum interests in this country have been on a whirlwind trip of exploration and drilling for oil and gas. More permits for this activity have been granted during the Bush administration than during the previous 15 years.

Applications have been so numerous that environmental studies could not keep up, so word went out from the Utah Bureau of Land Management that the gas/oil applications should be given No. — priority! Most of the exploration and drilling is on public lands. The above information is from The Wilderness Society letter, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment.

Saddam has been captured. Vice President Cheney is in virtual hiding from reporters over alleged Halliburton misdoings. Bush's excuse for refusing Iraq reconstruction contracts to former allies is security reasons. Is this code for Keep your hands off Iraq's oil fields? ' Elma L. Beeson, Phoenix

LaRouche for president

Want an FDR -type economic recovery? You know, a real recovery based on productive jobs. An economic policy that promotes the general welfare of the forgotten man. Not an economic policy that allows Enron and other energy pirates to loot and steal. Not a foreign policy that uses lies to get us involved in unnecessary wars, and rewards war profiteers like Halliburton with blood money.

Lyndon LaRouche is second only to only Howard Dean in popular support based on the number of people who have contributed at least &

36;200 to his campaign. This despite a virtual media blackout of his campaign. Join the movement to elect a real president. Learn more at 2004.com. ' John Mitchell, Medford