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Sheriffs in the city

The county people don't think they have enough county sheriffs. Maybe it's because most of them are driving around in the Medford city limits! ' Tom Rolie, Medford

Talking about grandma

When you advocate discrimination against immigrants, for jobs or for anything else, remember: that's my grandmother you're talking about (and probably yours). ' William Ashworth, Ashland

Hire some 5-year-olds

Consider the following regarding all the attention to pedestrians and crosswalks and the attempt by some to create a class of victims:

My mom taught me how to cross a street when I was 5 years old. It's simple ' you wait for a break in traffic, then you move as quickly as possible across the street.

Logic tells us that there must be literally dozens of people being struck by cars at crosswalks, otherwise there would be no need for such extreme measures. Is this the case? Nope.

Telling people to just step out into the street and stop traffic because it's their right to do so is going to get people killed.

There wasn't a pedestrian hazard in Medford until RCC moved downtown. Can you say squeaky wheel?

Solution to the problem:

Get RCC to hire some 5-year-olds to teach their students and teachers how to cross a street. ' Robert Rushing, Medford

Do the math

Please don't be fooled by the opposition to Measure 30, the short-term fix for the significant state budget shortfall. Just do the math: The average Oregon family with earning &

36;42,000 will pay &

36;36 additional income tax per year for only three years under the surtax plan.

That works out to the cost of one latte per month for the year, or less than even one day of child care for the families with school-age children who may again be forced out of the classroom. We became a national joke last year when we failed to support our schools and children.

Do the right thing and vote yes on ballot Measure 30. Don't let the minority, who will actually pay the largest share of this temporary tax increase, confuse the vast majority who will pay very little but stand to be hurt the most by the inevitable cuts in state services. ' Kris Jacobson, Medford

Looting our country's future

The Bush Medicare bill starts in 2006. It costs &

36;395 billion over the next 10 years and the Congressional Budget Office projects it to cost &

36;2 trillion in the second decade.

Seniors and people with disabilities could end up worse off under this bill. Fifty percent of the over-65 population would face drug expenses too low to reap any benefits of this bill in 2006. More information at .

State budgets are in trouble; 21 states have shortfalls of &

36;50 billion on top of &

36;80 billion that states faced in their 2004 budgets.

On the job front the recovery is jobless. In November, the economy gained only 57,000 jobs compared with 306,000 a month pledged by the administration.

In every state, unemployment rates are still higher than they were when the recession started in March 2001 and the economy still is 2.4 million jobs below the pre-recession level. Long-term unemployment is at a 20-year high.

The Republican Congress has not extended unemployment benefits for workers who have exhausted their benefits. Informationi is at .

The federal budget is a mess. Serious estimates show a long-term budget deficit of 25 percent of federal spending. Bush administration policies are looting our country's future. ' Art Gerds Jr., Yreka, Calif.

Abolish Electoral College

In my opinion, the Electoral College must be done away with as a way of selecting the presidents of the United States of America, and elect them by popular vote only!

Just who is the Electoral College anyway? And where do they come from? How are they selected? Are they people?

If you agree, contact your congressman now! ' Ellen Gatter, Phoenix