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Wal-Mart heirs responsible

The efforts of the buying public to see to it that Wal-Mart employees have more decent wages is commendable, but the truth is that Wal-Mart heirs should bear the burden of responsibility. According to the current issue of Mother Jones magazine, each heir stands to receive &

36;19 billion. ' Imogene Kvist, Medford

More scare tactics

A quote from the Jan. 14 edition of the Mail Tribune reads If tax fails, cuts go ahead. Another quote says, If this thing goes down, we're going to have 220 heroin addicts out on the street.

Maybe if the county has to alter or close the Methadone program then these 220 addicts will seek help in a real drug treatment program. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are free and do wonders! ' Chuck Brook, Medford

ACCESS says thanks

ACCESS Inc. would like to extend a very special thank you to Boise Cascade and Washington Mutual Home Loan Center, who helped provide Christmas for some special family situations this year.

Also, many thanks to Advantage Tire in Central Point, Amerititle in Medford and Jacksonville Rotary for their part in making Christmas magic for several families and a special thanks to the individual families who reached out to other families.

We truly live in a very giving community. Thank you all! ' Ellen Gray, manager, Family and Senior Services Department

R movies can be teaching tool

R movies can be used in our schools as a valuable teaching tool. For example, Saving Private Ryan realistically shows the brutal effort that was required to free Europe.

If a teacher gives thoughtful consideration and parental notification, leads a discussion with the class to put the film in context and generally uses the movie to illustrate what otherwise might be a dry or abstract subject, I applaud them. In these dark days of budget cuts, I commend a teacher who is willing to reach beyond the textbook for the enrichment of our children.

This is not 30 years ago. We need to teach our children to process the myriad of information they are flooded with in our fast-paced world.

R movies just for the sake of prurient interest? No! To enlighten, foster discussion and to think outside of the box, that's being a good role model.

To the teachers of the past, thank you. The teachers of today, who take the time to run the race, have my deepest gratitude.

Don't be discouraged by the tyranny of the minority, the one squeaky wheel negative naysayer that drowns out thoughtful discourse and education. That would indeed be the ultimate betrayal. ' Shannon Maddox, Medford

Slow down in snow

I would like to respond to the comment regarding the recent Interstate 5 closure during the heavy snowstorm.

One of the main reasons for closing this area of the highway was not because the Oregon Department of Transportation lacked the ability to make it passable, but because people persist in driving 70 mph regardless of weather conditions, thereby causing numerous accidents.

In other areas where heavy snow and ice are everyday occurrences, drivers are aware that they must adjust their speed accordingly. Unfortunately, many traveling the I-5 , Siskiyou Summit, have not had enough experience with snow and ice to realize that high speeds are inappropriate in those conditions. Thank you. ' D. Raisola, Ashland

Relentless attacks

The columnist Rich Lowry (who I dub the Rich little Lowry boy), pulls out all the stops in continually trying to justify the actions of our government leaders in their relentless attacks against we the common people.

This president, his administration (i.e.: his two dozen cronies) and the egocentric Senate and House members (who gleefully revel in their personal wealth and stations) carry out the final crushing of our democracy. Our media has shielded all of them, proving the extent of the unholy power these government leaders wield.

Someday this horror will be over, but I am afraid it is going to take a popular revolution, not simply another election wherein a smattering of voters decide between one or the other of two members of the power elite. We are fast becoming a fascist, military state similar to that of Israel only much larger, more powerful, and a terrifying threat to all of the working-class people of our planet.

While all this tyranny goes on, some short-sighted scientists are playing around on the planet Mars! So, Rich Lowry: grow up and use your media connections to try to help the poor and voiceless among us. ' Duane Sample, Jacksonville

League urges a yes vote

The League of Women Voters of Ashland strongly urges a yes vote on Measure 30. For background information on our position, go to and click on Where the League Stands.

At the same site, you can click on the LWVOR Voters' Guide to Measure 30 for pros and cons. We also invite you to join us from 11:30 a.m. to — p.m. Thursday, Jan. 15, at the downtown Ashland Elks Club for a discussion on how we got into this revenue mess and options for getting out. ' Kate Culbertson, co-president, League of Women Voters of Ashland