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Beware of Wal-Mart

The Motley Fool stock report this week had a list of five stocks to avoid. Safeway was the fifth ' for this reason: Visits to supermarkets were down l2 percent and to Supercenters like Wal-Mart, up 40 percent. Safeway has other problems, it went on to say, but the message was: Beware of Wal-Mart, as it opens other centers. ' Helen Josey, White City

Gibson misinformed

A scripturally, theologically and scientifically misinformed Mel Gibson has produced a misleading, anti-Semitic film. Two hours of unrealistic torture by sadistic soldiers fails to convey the reason for Christ's execution.

Jesus taught justice, peace and the end of a domination system that exploits the majority for the benefit of a privileged and powerful few. Religious and secular elitists had to eliminate this Jewish peasant's challenge to conventional wisdom. Current rulers would do the same. ' George McCartin, Jacksonville

The real danger

George Will hit the nail on the head in his Feb. 25 column, An ancient poison seeps in. The core issue for Jews today is political anti-Semitism.

As a Christian, I can empathize with an inherited Jewish response to Mel Gibson's movie given what historically occurred in Europe when the Passion Play was presented. Terrible pogroms usually followed.

However, in America, where a majority of the population has always been Christian, Jews have enjoyed unparalleled freedom and success. An anti-Semitic backlash from this film seems highly unlikely. Yet, I have perceived more Jewish passion around The Passion than the recent re-emergence of horrible images of and attacks on Jews in Europe and the Middle East that reflect the new politically motivated anti-Semitism that condemns Jews as a social element. George Will gets it. I get it.

— Hopefully, the Jewish community in the United States as a whole will get what the real danger is as well. ' Kenneth Wilson, Talent

Thanks for article

Thank you so much for printing the article Friday, Feb. 20 about our federal government's accusations against Pete Seda. Thank you, in addition, for putting it on the front page and not tucked away on the back pages. Thank you also, for interviewing local people who have had experience with Pete Seda throughout the years in various capacities.

It is one thing to hear from afar of the repercussions of the (so called) Patriot Act on U.S. citizens. It is another to see one amongst us targeted, separated, categorized and chewed up by our new (safer than safe) system.

Your article allowed us to be informed about what is happening to our neighbor. Please keep us informed about this.

Wasn't it a mere 70 years ago that extremists within the German government started singling out their neighbors as the enemy? Who were they at that time? ' Beth Heller, Talent

Working to divide us

The president speaks of protecting minority rights in Iraq. What about those of us in our own country?

Our president is now working to divide the country with a long and bitter political fight over the Constitution. President Bush wants to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban marriage rights for same-sex couples. This amendment would be the first to reinstate discrimination in our Constitution.

The Constitution promises liberty and justice to all Americans, not just the majority. The Constitution has been used throughout American history to ensure, protect, and expand the individual liberties of Americans. It has never been amended to single out a class of people for unequal treatment, but it has been amended to grant freedom of speech, religious liberty, and voting rights for women. The Constitution should secure equality, not restrict it! ' Cori Cooper, Talent