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Too bad

Too bad

It's too bad some people believe it's OK for a male to so-call marry another male and same with women.

If God intended it to be this way, where would you be at this time.

One day you will stand before your maker and he will ask you why! ' Eva Joines, Medford

The Martha Stewart case seems to illustrate both what's right with America, and what's wrong.

It sends a clear message that no matter how much money you have, you are not exempt from the law. It also illustrates that the government does not always use the best judgment when picking its fights. ' Jeff Miller, Ashland

Nothing to do with God

The institution of marriage has nothing to do with God, unless the participants so choose. In antiquity, most marriages were arranged for political and/or financial gain, and involved a man and a woman due to the need for legitimate heirs. The idea of love as a motivation for marriage is relatively recent, and we should all have the right to legalize our commitments in the same way.

— The main (and often overlooked) fact in this debate, is that marriage is not a sacred union ordained by God, but a legal, civil contract. Many heterosexual couples choose to be married by non-clerical personnel and many do not reproduce, but their unions are legal in every sense.

The arguments that opponents of same-sex marriage use to defend their position are invalid and seemingly founded on some kind of irrational fear. They cite the Bible and tradition.

The Bible is the truth for those who decide it is, but that does not include everyone. And sometimes traditions need to be changed so that all Americans may enjoy the liberty and justice for all guaranteed by our Constitution. Amending the Constitution to legislate intolerance and discrimination is unprecedented and unthinkable! ' Susan Bauer, Medford

Support Buckley, Bates

Peter Buckley is running for State Representative for House District 5. Dr. Alan Bates is running for the Oregon Senate. Both men will serve our communities well because they communicate with all citizens, regardless of political party.

By broadening the discussion of important issues beyond partisan bickering, both Peter and Alan will help move Oregon forward. Although Measure 30 failed statewide, it is obvious to most Southern Oregonians that we need a more stable, more equitable system of collecting revenue combined with a serious commitment to fund the services we have come to expect.

Please join me in supporting both the Buckley and Bates campaigns and thanking them for being willing to represent us in Salem during such tumultuous political times. ' Amy Amrhein, Ashland

Keep up the accolades

Alan Bates, Sal Esquivel ' keep up the accolades when one of your own retires. Defend them to the end, even as they slurp up the remains of their legislative slush fund. They hide their colleagues' indiscretion by opening up a new appropriation for six other legislators who ransacked their respective funds.

Only thing is, your words ring hollow outside Salem's marble halls. Kids suffer in crowded classrooms. Programs are being cut to the disabled and aged.

Not to worry, though. A corrupt judge nixed term limits. You and your successors can continue your kudos, hi-fives and placards for each other to be placed on future public buildings to be built with taxpayer's sweat.

Thanks to distinguished legislators like Lenn Hannon, naysayers now abound. In spite of corrupt judges, voter initiatives still rule. We naysayers may become the future babies thrown out with the bathwater. To cleanse ourselves in the process ' so be it! ' Jim Work, Central Point