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Letters to the editor

City deserves a better gateway

It is heartening to have the editorial board address the serious flaws in the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter. A concrete wall a quarter of a mile long is not a proper monument for the entrance to the city, nor is a footprint that exceeds 200,000 square feet, whether built by Wal-Mart or any other corporation.

I commend those in this community, particularly the Tribune, who have the leadership to say that Medford deserves a better gateway. ' Shareen Fiol, Medford

Quayle appears a genius

There is more and more evidence that George Jr. has not been honest with the American people. However, he has cut the income taxes of millions of working Americans. His formula ' no jobs equals no income, no income equals no income taxes. Believe me, there are better formulas.

I've never heard of anyone accusing George Jr. of being competent in any job he has ever undertaken. As a matter of fact, if we were to compare his intelligence with that of Dan Quayle, Dan would appear to be a genius. ' H. Lofland, Jacksonville

Reimer misled

In response to Susan Reimer's article about Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ movie; I think that she is a bit misled by what the media wants society to believe about the story of Jesus. While I can understand her point of view about letting children view the movie, I have to say, if a child has been baptized in the Lord, then seeing the movie should happen.

I don't think that we as a society understand the whole message that Mel is sending to all of us. We are all responsible for what took place and we as a society view other types of movies that are blood and guts as acceptable forms of entertainment, but when something like this is shown we are appalled.

— I think that we have lost our focus on reality and have been living in a fantasy land for the last few decades and we need to wake up and smell the roses. Yes, I said roses; what happened in the last 12 hours of Jesus' life is to all of our benefits, if we would all just realize it. He died to save all. Didn't like the movie? Read the book. ' Bob Stapp, Medford

Yellowjacket roundup time

About this time last year, a gentleman wrote to you suggesting that traps be set for yellowjackets and wasps right now to attract the females hunting for nesting spots. My son, Pat, took him at his word and baited our traps and the results were fantastic. We caught a bunch of the bugs and were not bothered with hordes of them all summer long.

That gentleman may write in again, but if not, thanks to him our colonies were practically eliminated. He knew his bugs. Our traps are already out and ready for early visitors. ' Bill Dugan, Medford

Not pushing lifestyle

I am a woman, married to a man. Remarkably, in my 20-plus years of marriage, it never occurred to me that by being married I might be pushing my lifestyle upon others ' until I read Suzanne Scroggins' letter on March 6. Her assertion troubled me, as I don't favor forcing one's personal beliefs on others.

Should I get a divorce? But no, then I would be forcing my divorced lifestyle on others.

After contemplating this dilemma, I came to a startling and humbling revelation ' no one except my family and closest friends even cares if I'm married or not! So I'm not forcing my lifestyle on others!

And neither is anyone else who gets married. Why does anyone care one way or another if people who love one another choose to get married?

Rosie O'Donnell doesn't represent all gay people any more than Britney Spears represents all heterosexuals. What I find remarkable and uplifting is that anyone still sees the hope and promise in marriage after how trivialized it has been by so many of its heterosexual practitioners. ' Karen Sinclair, Grants Pass

Celebrating the moment

I am wearing my father's wedding ring which my mother placed on his hand 50 years ago this year. It was placed on my hand by my partner of 17 years on Monday morning in San Francisco when we were married at City Hall. My family was represented by my brother who brought the ring. My father, who was an Air Force colonel and a Congregational minister, died several years ago, as did my mother. They both loved me and my partner and I felt their presence during the meaningful ceremony.

I am celebrating this moment. It does make a great difference. How fortunate I feel to see one more dividing line between people disappear through the celebration of a loving relationship and a commitment based on faith, love and respect. This is a good thing. It is also a good thing that we can claim an equal standing in the eyes of the law as a married couple. I look forward to the approaching day when this county will extend equal, not separate or lesser standing, to the hundreds of same sex couples who are living all around us. ' Peter Thomas, Ashland